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I don't know if this is broke or not but monster damage is seriously broken. Did the dev's mix up MP 1 with MP10 or something. No problems on MP3 but the mobs on MP1 kick my butt. I am totally confused. Currently in the chamber of suffering.
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Ok this is getting stranger by the minute.

I dropped all MP to default and now the mobs are not dropping loot except for the occasional gold.

Maybe this makes a difference. I don't know but I play on an iMac.
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im ok on MP1, jw where I submit bugs, their help article took me here. If this is the right place, my chat controls are broken, the up arrow to move the text puts it all the way to the top, and the down button does the same as the "go to bottom" button.
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When I am fighting a mob that has the "Nightmare" attribute it literally propels me across the screen like Sprint w/ Run like the wind x5 as far as the speed goes and when I hit an object it immediately breaks nightmare. This is even when sprint is not active.
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Here my issue with mp1, monster health is suppose to increase 150%, so the skeletons in defiled crypt that are let's say 30k life (they're actually 29k and something) should be ~ 75k life (30K + 30K*1.5). But the are 96k+. Is my math off? What gives?
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Shangoman: If you're talking about the health difference between MP0 and MP1 in act 1, you have to consider the fact that the monster level change from 60 to 63 too (thus increasing damage et health).

Emllik: I had the same problem with the Nightmare affix on a male barb (HC), i just created a topic on that: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810052735
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Thanks KowA. I completely missed that.
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