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Demon Hunters VS Inferno Monster Power

just wanna know which MP level are you DHs comfortably farming

please make sure your profile is viewable so i can see your specs and gears which allows you to farm comfortably for your said mp level...

I haven't got a chance yet to try MP levels... so im just wondering..
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7 is good for me.... Farming for keys ATM
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MP3, but it's not easy. Difficulty wise...I'd give it a 6.5/10. Butcher is crazy. Zoltan Kulle...not so much. Diablo...well I killed him with a friend so that doesn't count but I can safely say I was unable to solo Diablo in 1.0.4 and I'm no closer to being able to do it in 1.0.5 MP3. Haven't tried the other bosses yet.

EDIT- You guys are way better geared than I am though so...
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5. cinch
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Honest words to admit not having been able to solo Diablo p.1.0.4.!
Really cool that there are indeed some respectful players out there.

My tip: Elaborate the synergies of all the active/passive skills and runes and you might discover some room for improvement.
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I am NOT well-geared, did MP2 for Act I and MP1 for Act II, I think I'm going to switch to MP1 for Act I and focus on farming there for a bit to get better grear before I proceed with the key search.
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very nice DH you got there.. comparing your gears to mine...guess i can TRY MP4 and below.
Keys drop on all difficulty right?

not too bad DH.. maybe you need to work a little on your HP

Hows the sentry+boar setup doing for you so far? i might try that out...

not all players / forumers are full of hate... there are some decent players... maybe 20% (could be too high hahahaha)

I heard monk ain't doing so good in 1.0.5 and only class which can do MP10 comfortably indeed are Barbs... wonder how can Blizz make MP10 exclusive for Barbs only... but i believe other classes can do very well in MP10 as long as you have a billions worth of gears... XD

you are right... we must know our place (interms of difficulty) only then it can be enjoyable.. i dont know my place atm as i've yet to play 1.05
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MP 3~4 here. Could do more if we still had Trail of Cinders :p
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very nice DH you got there.. comparing your gears to mine...guess i can TRY MP4 and below.
Keys drop on all difficulty right?

Yes - its MP * 10% drop rate, I read that on another thread. I will look it up and post it here as a source.
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I do MP 1 to try out new builds, MP2 to faceroll-grind, MP4-5 if i'm with my husband (barb) and brother (wiz).

I haven't experimented long enough to have a final farming build, but I have to say the one I'm playing on right now (see profile) is loads of fun. Everything is exploding! you just have to be patient with waiting 1 sec before everything kicks in though.

As for loots, looted my glove (see profile). pretty neat for an ilvl60 gear, and since it rolled higher trifecta than my previous, I decided to use it and sell my old one.
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Under the "The Components" Section (2nd or 3rd section down) it states the drop rates for keys.
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I have tried several of the MP levels. MP10 is just insane even with my dps. I ran Act 1 on MP10 to get a key, and I got my butt handed to me. I hit a reflect pack and it was crazy. I did manage to get the key, but only after having to repair my gear a couple of times.

I tried MP8 on Act 3, and it was hard and slow but manageable. I did a complete run through Act 3 on MP5, and the only times I died were when I hit a reflect pack too quickly without changing to my LOH bow. Soloing MP5 Act 3 was slower than my normal 1.04 run through Act 3.

MP3 in Act 3 seemed about the same as the 1.04 inferno Act3. Farming Act 3 and killing everything I see on MP3 was very fast.

After what I experienced last night, I would say that I will probably do runs between MP3 and MP5. I believe those are good settings for my character to optimize xp gain and maintain speed. I will need to do several runs on MP3 - MP5 while timing myself to see which one is the most efficient. Solo farming anything higher than MP5, while possible, is just too slow for me.

Lastly, I tried diablo on MP10. It is not terribly hard, but it takes so long that I quit trying out of boredom. I will say that while fighting diablo on MP10 I had to play a lot less reckless than what I am normally use to. Vault (Tumble) was definitely my friend.
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I tried MP10 on Act1 and the skeletons pwned me. Depending on the ACTs but I say that most DHs could do MP5 on Act1, MP3 on Act2, MP2 on Act3, MP0 on Act4? Maybe it's just me, but the elites are rolling with illusionist, RD, Mortar and at least one kind of floor damage (desc, plague,molten) almost all the time. It's like NON-stop horror and those mortars keep coming and illusionist keep casting.

I don't remember spending this much gold for repair since 1.03 trying to farm act3...
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Yes we do miss the good old ToC !!! i've already changed that to tumble...save some disc XD

Nice DH you got there... i will try mp5 solo tonight

Thanks for the link

I did manage to clear act 3 mp3 with ease... azmodan was nothing compared to act 1 mp3 butcher LOL
yes i do agree with you that those damn affixes are getting spammed...i mean literally spammed my entire screen... bumped into 2 packs at the same time last night in a 4man party... 1 pack had mortar/molten/illusionist/vortex and the other pack had reflect damage/arcane sentry/frozen/nightmare/fast... boy it was frustrating

So, I finally manage to put a solid 6 hrs into patch 1.05... 1st try was act 1 mp3 solo and it was easy but damn butcher was a PAIN IN THE A$$ !!!! took me 5 tries to kill it... later then join a friend's game (4ppl party) which was act 1 mp5 and took forever to kill elites... even white mobs are slow to kill !!! the damage is not as high as i expected but the HP... damn!!!

later on i went to act 3 mp3 solo and cleared it with ease... manage to get myself 3 legendaries last night.. and my FIRST legendary for patch 1.05 was a LV58 Wizard Hat which was dropped in pony level (finished act 1 and nothing else to try LOL) fkng cuddly bears wasnt so cuddly after all... hahahahaha... the other 2 legendary items was a mojo and my 4th pair of fire walkers... zzzzzz

I will try act 3 mp5 solo tonight... having a full party just takes too damn long to down an elite or even white trash mobs... yesterday there were many threads saying that public game is dead and yadayadayada so i went on and try a pub game...there are still plenty of ppl in pub games...and damn it was easy... elites down in under 20secs LOL

also during my 4man party, everyone was getting legendary drops here and there... lets hope it wont get ninja nerfed like how it happened for patch 1.04

one thought : with the new monster power level, will the drop rate for inferno (say act 3) without monster power be affected since the mobs/elites ARE easier to kill...
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10/17/2012 04:14 AMPosted by stclairwest
7 is good for me.... Farming for keys ATM

Best character names ever lol
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Can't wait till I can get my DH in there! Working on it though. Running through hell on MP8 right now. :P

Profile might still be off, I'm actually up to level 57, not what it shows right at the momen, plus I have made some gear/skill changes since then.

Some of you have some pretty badass DHs... :D Been spending more of my time working all the characters up to 60, not bad for a part time player.
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ive been pretty comfortable with MP4-5 on my DH. one of the first things i did when 1.0.5 went live was try out the new sentry, bola shot and companion skills as well as the new bonuses with 'custom engineering'

im really enjoying the build i have now, my gear is fairly lackluster, but i can handle almost any pack without too much trouble. mp5 ghom was a JOKE, well see how hard seigebreaker and cydaea are.
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5 here, and it's pretty easy actually. Haven't died yet.. Then again I do have quite a bit of defense compared to most DHs...
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Farming on mp6 for keys and loots. Tried mp10 hehe crazy but fun
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