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Crafting Gems makes you lose money WTH?

Just yesterday I decided to do an experiment, I took 1000 flawless star gems that I had collected over time, now if you take the value of those low end, it cost about 1,000,000 for those gems. Now if you go through the process of crafting, here is what you get:

Perfect Square Emerald= 3 flawless ($3,000) + $30,000 each - Cost for 1 = $33,000
Radiant Square Emerald= 3 perfect square ($99,000) + $50,000 each - Cost for 1 = $149,000
Star Emerald = 3 Radiant Square ($447,000) + $80,000 each - Cost for 1 = $547,000
Flawless Star Emerald = 3 Star ($1,581,000) + $100,000 each - Cost for 1 = $1,681,000
Perfect Star Emerald = 3 Flawless Star ($5,043,000) + $200,000 each - Cost for 1 = $5,243,000
Radiant Star Emerald = 3 Perfect Star ($14,829,000) + $400,000 each - Cost for 1 = $15,229,000

Here are the prices in the AH:
Perfect Square Emerald = $39,918 = ~5,000 profit BEFORE Blizzard tax
Radiant Square Emerald = $179,826 = ~29,000 profit BEFORE Blizzard tax
Star Emerald = $630,957 = ~90,000 profit BEFORE Blizzard tax
Flawless Star Emerald = $2,012,000 = ~320,000 profit BEFORE Blizzard tax
Perfect Star Emerald = $3,490,000 = ~1,800,000 LOSS BEFORE Blizzard tax
Radiant Star Emerald = $10,260,000 = ~5,000,000 LOSS BEFORE Blizzard tax

What the heck is going on? I lost money when I made a Perfect Star, I was very upset, but had already spent the money so what was I to do? When can these prices get adjusted?
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It's afaik a dupe exploit that blizzard have not yet fixed. A select few people make tones of money on this.
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10/14/2012 03:02 AMPosted by malu05
It's afaik a dupe exploit that blizzard have not yet fixed. A select few people make tones of money on this.

You are saying that people are duping the Gems so they are able to sell them for so cheap?

Blizzard I think you owe people gold for the loss in money, those that take the time and money to actually create the good gems are losing money, and a lot of it on the larger gems.
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Bump! Crafting and gems are prohibitively expensive! Please incentivize players into crafting again!
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I personally see no point to crafting as it is. The problem with having an Auction House in any game is that it leads to extreme inflation and depreciation values on plenty of items. The only thing that drives up prices is item rarity, and the community. Blizzard has little to no control over how this works out, without extremely effecting drop chances. When Legendaries were changed to be useful, the price of Legendaries jumped from insane to outrageous. Now with 1.0.5 almost here and legendary/set drop chance being raised, it will likely cause them to stay the same. I really don't see people trying to sell legendaries for 100 million deciding to change that to 50 million due to the raise in drop chance.

Unfortunately, a lot of the issue falls on the playerbase, not on the developer. If they do too much, they're meddling. If they don't do enough, they're who we blame for causing the high prices.

I personally think that the Auction House is a great idea in principle, but overall it's nothing but a giant load of crap. The only Auction House I've found that didn't annoy the crap out of me was the one in Guild Wars 2. Items don't have giant varying DPS or stat numbers, so it's easy to track down the one you want. Also it gives you the lowest selling price of that item just by clicking. I never have to dig through 30 pages of auctions to find a good deal.

Perhaps Blizzard can learn from NCSoft on that.
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Gem sink is the ultimate solution.
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I agree, I don't think anything crafting wise is worth it, it is like playing craps and a lot of time the items cost a lot to make, when the roll doesn't work out you may as well just be throwing your money away, there needs to be some balance with the crafting, overall.
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PPL get real the whole auction house is a crock of ... totally unrealistic values placed on items & where does the average player get that amount of gold 2 buy anyway
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