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Crafting needs an update and here's why

To make this simple, 1.05, which was a great patch for everyone that loves bashing monsters in the face, changed 3 things:

#1 ilvl item drop evened across the board, meaning ilvl63 isn't exactly rare anymore (16,3% in all inferno acts), and ilvl 62 is even more common (21,7%)
#2 Affixes roll now based on monster level if monster level > ilvl. Assuming all monsters are 61 in MP0, @ MP2, every monsters are level 63, which means that now all affixes will beat crafting items (Since they are ilvl 62).
#3 Since MP can go above 63, this means items can only get better, and this is normal, but crafting can't even come close to that.

So here are the points why crafting needs an update now:
#1 Update it so we can craft ilvl63 items instead of ilvl62, I don't even get how that makes sense anymore, to craft subpar items at such a ridiculous cost.
#2 With the new MP system, even 6-stat crafted items are easily outclassed by ilvl63+(because of MP) items, because of the current item budget system (On an ilvl 63, 1-3 affixes are picked to be of ilvl63 power, then the next one is ilvl62, then ilvl61, etc...)

My suggestions:
Simple, we apply the monster power solution to the crafting problem, as well as changing one thing.
First, as I said in problem #1, make it so we can craft ilvl 63 items. On top of that, add a new scroll down menu where you select what "Crafting level" (equivalent of monster power, the higher, the better overall affixes). A simple ilvl63 would have a low cost, roll on 6 stats at that level, then you could pick crafting level 5 for instance, which would be the equivalent of an item dropped from a level 65 monster, etc...

To balance this, you'd want to decrease the baseline crafting cost, and have an increasing cost in items and gold for each additional crafting level.

Finally, and this is more of a quality of life thing that I think would be awesome for crafting, add the option to crafting without gold by increasing the amount of mats you'd need. Have the option to craft an item using 40 blues, 10 yellows and 50k gold or 120 blues, 30 yellows and one orange for 0 gold.
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