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Letting go of STI?

My pleasure. BTW what Fernist said is also true, if you're intent on using SSS as a second serenity then the CD reduction rune is what you'll want. I use SSS as a killer move though and therefore i want the most DPS out of it.
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don't believe the hype, resolve is overrated.
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Fuzzy, can we see this math that's been done please?

It's on a thread somewhere in the forums, had a lot of views.. should be able to find it. I know what i read though, unless you have an absurd (2500++) amount of DEX to feed STI with, the damage reduction from resolve will yield better results.

That math is definitely not really accurate. It depends a huge amount on the percentage of damage you are taking that can be reduced via Resolve. For example, here is the armor-equivalent value of both passives while subject to a combination of melee and molten (not reducible via Resolve) damage (using my own stats):

Resolve = 635.6631
Seize the Initiative = 1080.7951

And here is the armor-equivalent value of both passives while subject to a combination of melee and plague damage (plague can be reduced by Resolve, as long as it is applied before the mob casts it):

Resolve = 1558.043
Seize the Initiative = 1080.7951

Basically, it comes down to protecting against the types of damage that you feel are most dangerous to you. Also, if anyone wants to run the above numbers with their own stats, the Monk Survivability Model as always can be found here:

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constant mitigation vs random mitigation

Now that white mobs have more hp and dmg, it takes more time to kill. Resolve only works on enemies you hit so that means all the you are taking 100% ranged damage. It also doesn't work on affixed damage such as plague;molten etc.

sti is well, armor. there is no diminishing effects, it mitigates all damage.

sti > resolve
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