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Interesting article about Diablo 3 addiction

well i was browsing around the net when i stumbled across a rather interesting article about looking at diablo 2 and 3 and issues of addiction. At first i skimmed thinking yeah yeah what ever but as i read bits and pieces i was like, hang on wow, this is interesting stuff.

The best part is that this article actually got a response from Blizzard themselves!

You may or may not have already seen this but it's new to me and i haven't seen a post about it here so i figure I'll share, because it really is worth a read.

Article: http://www.alexc.me/a-scientific-explanation-why-diablo-3-is-less-addictive-than-diablo-2/417/

and Bliz response: http://www.alexc.me/why-diablo-3-is-less-addictive-blizzard-responds/441/

What really surprised me was that people attacked the science angle, I thought it was a fun theoretical analogy, obviously not actual science, but a curious application of a theory. Still, it might be truer then we think lol.

how do you get [url][/url] to work here?
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Wyatt's response is very good! all the wingers on the forum about drop rates need to read and understand this explanation of drop rates and levels
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I agree with Wyatt, but even though you can beat inferno act 1 without using the AH and only relying on in game drops, making it difficult and fun...but you simply cannot and will not beat act 2 with only in game drops, it becomes literally impossible without trading on the AH. I think it might be possible with 1000's of hours of grinding, just waiting to get drops that will help you progress...but thats not fun, it's frustrating and a total waste of time. Drop rates are very good in my opinion, but the stat rolls are terrible, at lvl 60 and inferno you should be getting usable garbage, not absolute garbage with stats from normal and nightmare. Its a fine line to make a game beatable and difficult, but i think they missed something in inferno because past act 1, it's impossible without AH trading or RMAH.

It is this inclusion of AH and RMAH (even though it existed in D2 in a way) that makes this game come scarily close to gambling..because the game has inherent addictive qualities.

At it's heart it's just a theoretical article looking at interesting data on addictive behaviors and systems, it's not saying this is how it is and it's 100%, it's just an analogy and an idea that is very interesting and comparable to D2 and D3. Since they are both different games you can theoretically look at the different impact each game has on a persons behavior as a result of 2 different gaming systems.
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Yeh the dudes blog is just basic pschology really. Your right the game does get uber hard at act2 Inferno, which does add alot of frustration and without AH would be very hard to progress. But that doesn't seem to be what anyone is ever complaining about. I hardly ever see Act2 is to hard blah blah.. its always 'The drop rates are !@#$' etc.. which is linked to the addiction blog about monkeys not getting rewards getting angry and depressed. But even if Blizz was to make more powerful items drop more often this is only a short term fix as Wyatt said. It just shifts the curve one way or the other and players are back to waiting days or weeks for an upgrade and back to being angry and depressed..

vicious cycle

The only thing I can think of to fix this would be to somehow analyse a players gear and give them some sort of 'gear score' and then scale drops and rolls for the player based on that. This would see a more even flow of rewarding drops and keep the players happy
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Lol I'd say the author is on the right path just a very simplified one. The phenomenon is operant conditioning and it applies to both D2, D3 and many many other behaviours. It is one of the bases behind addiction so where you have addiction you have some form of conditioning. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how these processes apply to games such as D3.

What's funny is that judging by the response, blizzard appears ignorant to the psychological basis the drives their games, especially jay wilson. Their use of a mathematical procedure to reward players is indicative of this. Farming for increasingly longer intervals to get an upgrade isn't going to be very rewarding. By using this method there will be a point at which the rewards will not be frequent enough to reinforce the behaviours.
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the dude actually came on the forums and posted what he was doing and asked for ppl to fill in questionaires, seemed like a good dude, UPS! to him for looking at it from the outside in.
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i've logged a few hundred hours of grinding for items, most of mine are found or hand me downs from friends so i guess i haven't really fallen into that spell of complaining about items, drops, difficulty etc.

if anything i only ever complain about rubberbanding or someone in my household downloading when im playing. playing solo all the time would be depressing though.
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