I am using Tempest Rush as an escape skill or at least, that was the idea, because it doesn't work properly. Whenever I am on desecrator, molten, are about to be frozen, am walled (even with free escape routes) or just about to receive aoe damage (like harvesters exploding, rotating derwish) I am returned in rather quick succession or from a farther point away to the original place. I think I don't have to explain how this suxxx in hc.

Frozen: When the spikes spawn i activate tempest rush, and move out of the area, then i get pulled back and frozen.
Aoe: I activate Tempest rush as soon as the animation starts... same as frozen.
Waller: Its like being glued to the spot, or the monk cant pass narrow spaces with the stick in hand ?!
Molten: I stutter and am constantly returned to the position of origin.
Desecrator: The worst, I get stuck on it, rubber-banding visibly about 3-4 per second.

Always considering, there are at least 1-2 monsters along the path or in front of me... or i could just run out normally.

It is like each tick of the animation or damage interrupts tempest rush server side, while the animation continues on the local machine.

Even in combination with other skills it appears, like frozen, vortex; first i move away, then i am on the original position, already frozen, then i get vortex-ed on the spot.

An no, no lag... there are no problems with other escape-skills and other chars.

As an afterthought: Its probably not more then before, but since fights take longer (mpl1) and the need for an escape skill is more frequent it also happens way more often then before. - Still, this should have been fixed months ago and still isn't in the new patch, very disappointing.