Imagine a game where you can settle distant worlds, build thriving colonies, control vast stretches of space and make your fortune as the next intergalactic space explorer. This is Spaceopoly - A planet colonizing, rocket ship flying, laser shooting, MMO space simulator for your iOS device (iPad and iPhone).

Check out our Kickstarter page, featuring a short 2-min video that shows cool features in the game, goodies and rewards you’ll get based on various donation levels, and how your support is used. I think you’ll like the video - we had a lot of fun putting it together!

What people are saying so far:

"Absolutely love the aesthetic and 'vibe' this gives off. Can't wait to get further details but in the meantime, this is just the sort of interesting, outside-the-box game I'm happy to support with a pledge!" - Matthew Cason (Kickstarter supporter)

"The concept of Spaceopoly is a clever one: take a space 4X game and drop it into a cooperative MMO universe, where players can collaborate to explore and colonize. There’s an implicit Gene Roddenberry future utopia lurking in there, and I quite like that. It also neatly avoids the pitfalls of other MMOs that have trod this territory – chief among them avoiding the problem of obsessive power-gamers elbowing out more casual players through the sheer weight of time invested into the game." -
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