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Everybody Loves Shen Achievement Bugged????

Even after killing Diablo it doesn't show. :/ Help?
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Amazing what a forum search can do!

You are welcome!


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Why would anyone search the forums when there's google.
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What exactly do we have to do to get the achievement? Please help?
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you cant get achieve unless you did it befor patch.. its pre release game code that resurfaced after patch but doesnt exsist in the normal game but a relic of code that resurfaced its un obtainable
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10/24/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Singleton
It is not bugged. I have got it after waiting about 15 minutes.

So Desperate I actually tried that. It is bugged.
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If you have the victory conversation checked it is because you had the achievement before 1.0.5 NOT because you listened to it or got it. In 1.0.5 they fixed "ruin & corruption" not spawning and added victory that does not spawn.
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still bugged for me 12/11 2012 ...
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10/20/2012 10:25 PMPosted by DarthBazinga
HachiKumo: Ummm, how and where? I ran through Act 4 from start to finish, but no luck. I even jumped back into town right after starting and before finishing each Act 4 quest, sub-quest and waypoint (including right after I ganked Diablo). Most game sites don't even list Shen's "Victory" conversation, and no one on those sites have actually posted WHEN in Act 4 the "Victory" conversation is available.

There's one that is super tricky. You need to talk to shen before certain cutscene, and there's one which upon killing diablo, u need to tp back and talk to shen. For me the hardest achievement is Tyrael's. Luckily I got them all now.
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"Victory" conversation is bugged to me now too, I was trying to get the achievement here. Looks like you can't get it after patch 1.0.5.
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Blizzard please fix this... I am trying to go for achievement points and this really messes it up for me ;(.
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When Blizzard fix this problem with ,,Victory,,???
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12/04/2012 03:27 PMPosted by Vasadan
You guys will know as soon as it is fixed because it will be listed in the patch notes. Since the 1.0.6 patch notes did not contain this information, I think it is safe to say the bug is still not fixed.
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Please fix it, same problem here.
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And 1 more:)
Same problem :(
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There's already at least one relatively recent thread about this... but seeing as it's been roundly ignored by the boys in blue, one more can't hurt: Yes, this is still bugged. And have been for something like 4 months. Meaning that everybody who didn't get it pre-patch is stuck with no less than 3 major, incompleteable Achievements.

This isn't some kind of complicated server-based mess like the AH. This is a line of code that needs a 1 turned into a 0. It really, really shouldn't take this long.
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Same problem here with 1.06
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Hopefully it is fixed on the PTR now
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It is a bug, but the ball seems to have been dropped on it. The victory conversation was accidentally re-added after it had been removed from the req. list, during patch 1.0.5. It was possible to get the achievement prior to 1.0.5 and then when it was added you would have maintained that achievement will all boxes checked. This bug has been acknowledged on this forum by Blizzard staff, who passed it along to those who deal with such things.

Now that being said, the last acknowledgement of the issue by Blizzard staff, from my searches, was 3 months ago. It still isn't fixed, and doesn't appear to be in the known bugs list, which suggests to me, that the ball was dropped. If they were working on it, then it should be on the list so that people are less likely to post about it.

EDIT: This may have actually happened in 1.0.4, either way, it's been a while.
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sayme problem, bugged..
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