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Xah Rith WAY too tough for regular story mode


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10/19/2012 06:48 AMPosted by dracolich
move it to fields of slaighter or arreat crater lv 1

both more progression issue

they should put that keywarden in the barracks or something.
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As a Barb using Superstition, this guy actually fuels my Fury and is a fun encounter.

Since I also play a DH, Wiz and WD, I suggest to balance the skills which let us gain resources on every class.

To clarify: If you use superstition, you need way more armor and have to adjuyst your equipment towards it.

One does not simply change a defensive stat with ease.

Please Blizzard, bring the balance in Line by IMPROVING other classes.
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Blizzard-- If you are listening, please DO NOT NERF the Keywardens. Xah Rith is the 3rd and last (key) warden, so he should be hard.

The title of this thread mentions "regular story mode", so the best thing to do is to move him to a cave or somewhere optional!

I've killed him with all of the classes in Inferno with different Monster Powers and he is just fine.

Strategies to kill him:
1. learn the attack patterns and timing. You cannot stand directly in something that was meant to be avoided. This is the same as Belial's fireballs or Azmodan's blood pools. It's a good challenge to facetank everything but that comes later. Ration your cooldowns and evasions and avoid them.

2. I read in the thread that some guy spent money to Double his DPS and still died. However, if you just increase your dps by 50% and survivability by 50%, your total output will more than double, and it is cheaper to achieve. Gear properly.

If all the challenges keep getting nerfed, there is no room for skilled play and it will be a snoozefest. Hellfire ring is supposed to be an endgame challenge!!!
I think a lot of people aren't paying attention to what the OP is talking about. Too OP for normal. The people that are complaining about Xah Rith are people who are leveling.

This thread isn't about killing Xah in Inferno on MP10 for the drop, it's about leveling your character and running into instant-death.
i vote for simply changing the spawn location, just put him in some dungeon (barracks, ice caverns, foundry for example).

keep the spice in the game please.

I agree with this.
Illusionist + MP + Co-op games are pretty awful. Pile on top of this the other affixes/abilities on this guy and you have an incredibly deadly combination. I will no longer farm this warden in a co-op game. I tried it a couple times, but it is so much more expensive than going solo. The other wardens are fine. I suggest having the illusions always keep the health as though it was a 1 person game. Scaling their health with more players AND MP bonuses makes these types of elites really difficult and a disincentive for co-op play.

This all coming from a barb who is immune to the frost orbs. I can't imagine doing this guy with another class.
This all coming from a barb who is immune to the frost orbs. I can't imagine doing this guy with another class.

24% movement speed helps a lot when it comes to his falling ice attack, since they fall very quickly. My WD has 12% movement speed, while my DH has 24%, and the difference is HUGE!

The DH smokescreen is also great, since you take no dmg and the warden stops attacking you.
10/18/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Lylirra
It can only be a bug.

It's not a bug, but we're definitely paying close attention to player feedback about Xah'rith's current difficulty -- not just in Inferno, but in all difficulty levels, and at all MP levels too.

We agree that he may be a little bit too challenging at the moment, and are discussing the possibility of either reducing his outgoing damage, tweaking what affixes he spawns with, or moving his spawn location (right now, he's kind of hard to avoid if you're just questing normally). We'd like to hear more from the community on the topic first, though, before we make any decisions.

In the end, we want the keywardens to provide a fun challenge for players, and be a little more difficult than the surrounding wildlife (i.e. a fight you have to put some thought into), but we don't want that to happen at the expense of being able to progress through an Act.

YES! dont nerf him. It should be a challenge to kill him. Atleast in Inferno!
10/18/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Wtflag
I believe that key wardens should not spawn at monster power zero since there is no chances for keys.

I got a key at MP0 last night.

Try again :)
I *do* like the challenge of the Keywarden but he's obviously not even close to scaled with the mobs he spawns around. I can breeze through the rest of the area but die to the KW five times in a row.

If these players ACTUALLY "like the challenge so much" wouldn't it make more sense to scale the KW to correct difficulty so those players can then play a higher MP to get a challenge from the entire act, not just the KW???????????? HMMMMM?????
10/18/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Wtflag
I believe that key wardens should not spawn at monster power zero since there is no chances for keys.

I would say he is overpowered, since he easily outclasses any of the monsters on Act 3 by far. Heck, he's even harder than Ghom, Azmodan and Diablo combined. For people who want a challenge, there's always MP 10. This warden here is meant to farmed for keys on a regular basis, and he kills most players repeatedly even on a low MP level.

Case in point: His slow fields have almost no lag, and no way out. Once you are snared, the falling bodies do way too much damage. Melee characters have to stand right beside to deal damage, and I haven't been able to last more than 10 secs next to him.
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It's like putting siegebreaker from act3 on the trail that leads into the town of tristram. There would be no real way to beat him if your a new player and it would just make you quit the game never come back again. Like I said just move him to some area that doesn't 100% have to be walked past like outside the bridge or inside a cave.
Imagine someone progressing through the game in hardcore.
Placing this keywarden in a mandatory/unavoidable location was not such a good decision.
Same thing applies to all the other keywardens, especially the one in act 4.
As a ranged player I just kite and dont get hit by his super strong "meteor" which also slows like 60%. Only the monk and barb should be having problems. I dont feel bad for the barb though.
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He's not bad when kiting. Stick him where you can run around him though, stonefort is too linear.
For me, it's really just that ice body drop. I can still get em, but he's definately no cakewalk with MP on. For some perspective, I don't usually die when facing him, but it leaves a mark after fighting him. If he had more health, he might of been the hardest thing to fight in the game, for me at least. I play a Barbarian while harvesting keys though, so with Wrath of the Beserker on his frozen abilty is no problem. Just the damage then affects me. But man, with the other character classes out there, I'm sure it's annoying. My four other classes aren't to him yet, but I can already tell, it'll be smash city central for them. Maybe a fix, is not having him move around so much. As soon as I get a beat on him, he takes off, spawns ice bodies, I have to run through it, to get to him. As soon as I get there, he takes off, rinse and repeat.
I think he is fine. After the new patch I feel he is still weaker than all the demons prepatch
Def out of balance.
I agree, frozen corpse rain is overpowered...

Why can't you add new areas that aren't connected to main questline, like for example putting this keywarden in Caverns of Frost Level 3 as a boss area. Now you can't simply farm Stonefort because on mp4+ he is 1 shotting me and all my ranged class friends..
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