Diablo® III

"victory" dialogue for everybody loves shen


i have played through the entire act 3 times in pursuit of this one conversation with him and town porting after every new area/ event/ and step in each quest but it seems that this dialogue does not exist. Do we have any answers or information regarding said conversation.

Thanks in advance for any information

Edit: it is said to be in Act 4
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if u find it plz tell me where it is
I think its a buged dialogue, becouse before patch 1.05 was no dialoge named "victory" in this achivment. My friend get this achivment but a long ago before this patch.
I have also been having the same issue with the achievement.
Victory (Act IV) Dialog for Shen does not appear in game.

I have defeated Diablo on normal and then checked Shen and it doesn't appear. I also checked before defeating Diablo and it doesn't appear.

Blizzard please advise on where to locate this dialog.


Looks to be resolved soon.

10/24/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Vasadan
Thanks for the reports guys. The "Victory" conversation was removed from the requirement for this achievement awhile back, not sure how it got re-added.
plz advice for this achievement it is getting me crazy
still bugged... cant get a total of 3 achievements because of this:

- Everybody loves Shen
- Talk is cheap, friends are priceless
- The art of conversation

Also the Bloodstained Letter for the act 3 achievement Primary sources is still bugged
Same here cant get Victory so i can finish 3 achivements
same here is all i need to finish up the conversations achievements completely =-(
plz fix, trying to get achievs and found this thread... not promising
When is this gonna get fixed?That's the last conversation to get three achievements,still after more than month and no fix.Come on guys
Adding my name here, this is a rather annoying one, I hope it gets into a patch soon. Nothing like achievement hunting and finding the very last conversation you need just simply doesn't exist in the game.
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Adding my name to the list as well. Irritating I agree, but things like this are bound to happen unfortunately.
omg how hard can it be to fix... move your asses, bli$$
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Presumably, they've already fixed it internally. However, it will require a client patch for the fix to go live, and they're not going to go through the patch process just for this issue.
Why not ? is a Blizzard problem.... internal mistake or not it must be repaired, like others i'm waiting for some1 to care and fix it :(
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They've fixed it. But they haven't pushed that fix out to the players yet, because that requires a client patch, and they're not ready to do that yet. If you'd like to complain about their patch schedule, and voice a preference for smaller, more frequent patches, instead of fewer larger ones, I suggest you do so in the general forum, where you might be heard.
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Well I have been trying this and still no fix. Guess bliz does not care!!!
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