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Aussie crafters, come here!

So i made this thread because i want everyone who can craft legendarys/gems for a reasonable price without getting ripped off.

Most of us are on the US server which is a great thing (i hope lol) so it makes it easier not to worry when you add someone so you can meet up and craft.

Australians must stick together!

If you're one of those crafters, please sign here with your battletag with the materials you need and the costs that are covered to craft the specific item.

Basically if you got the free time to help a brother out, join up! none of this "extra fees" to make it for the player because we all know there is a chance it will be crap item once crafted.
Tips gladly accepted : )

What i can craft so far.

All exalted gear at 62
Four exalted weapons at 62

Currently investing in a tone load of legendaries soon.
Also looking for seven sins crafters to.

Blacklisted - for players who took gold/materials that scammed players.
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Did you buy your patterns or find them?

Just wondering, I've found some patterns but never a legendary one.
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Hi All,

Not a huge list just a service I thought I would offer, they are all low level legendary items:

Please note all of these crafting is for HARDCORE mode only

One Handed Weapons:
lvl 40 Axe - Wedger - 12k, 50 Shimmering Essence, 12 Lizard Eyes, 4 Blacksmith pages

lvl 41 Cross Bow - Deadeye - 14k, 50 Shimmering Essence, 12 Lizard Eyes, 4 Blacksmith pages

Two Handed Weapons:
lvl 20 Bow - Long Shot - 10k, 64 Subtle Essence, 14 Fallen Tooth

lvl 23 Daibo - Lai Yui's Taiji - 10k, 64 Subtle Essence, 14 Fallen Tooth

lvl 31 Mojo - Bitterness - 12k, 50 Shimmering Essence, 12 Lizard Eyes, 4 Blacksmith pages

lvl 23 Shield - Wall of Bone - 9k, 51 Subtle Essence, 12 Fallen Tooth

lvl 34 Gloves - Pendergrasps - 11k, 34 Shimmering Essence, 12 Lizard Eyes, 3 Blacksmith pages

lvl 60 Bracers - Wondrous Deflectors - 175k, 82 essences, 30 tears, 2 brimstones, 8 tomes

Cains Set: (Ill Provide Mats)
Helm - 35k Each
Pants, Gloves & Boots - 30k Each

Add wabbit#6677 if you are interested
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Nope, never found one before only good yellow ones, but will be buying some shortly.


Thanks for contributing to the thread!

Keep it coming crafters!
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I have all the current plans for gem crafting and a few low level legendary items (Lost Boys, Starspine, Longshot etc.) and sets(Aughild's Victory, Asheara's Uniform). A few exalted plans (weapons limited to Demon Hunter) . If people are interested Ill list the details.
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Bellow is the list of items I am available to craft
Does anyone know it is is possible to also craft the special items for others as I also have plans for all 4 Staff of Herding & Hellfire Rings?

I will provide details of materials required(I can provide for extra fee) and exact cost for each item on request

Gems all colours
Flawless Star $100,000
Perfect Star $200,000
Radiant Star $400,000

Exalted (All require Inferno crafting materials)

Bow - 4+ $42.036
Hand Crossbow - 4+ & 6+ $40.680 & $119.340
Quiver - 4+ & 6+ $40.680 & $119.340
Belt - 4+, 5+ & 6+ $29.832-$87.516
Boots - 4+ & 5+ $29.832 & $42.416
Braces - 4+ & 6+ $29.832 & $87.516
Chest - 4+ & 6+ $31.188 & $91.494
Cloak - 6+ $91.494
Gloves - 4+, 5+ & 6+ $29.832-$87.516
Helm - 4+ $31.188 & Wizard Hat 6+ $91.494
Pants - 6+ $91.494
Shied -6+ $119.340
Shoulders - 6+ $87.516

Bow - Venomhusk $191.828 (Inferno)
Crossbow - Starspine $11.532 (Hell)
Hand Crossbow - Deadeye $7.560 (Nightmare)
Boots - Lost Boys $29.832 (Inferno)
Gloves - Pendergrasps $5.544 (Nightmare)

Set (With price guide and materials required for each item in set)

Aughild's Victory (4pc) $5544-$6762, Shim x 34-49, Eye x 12-14 & PoB x 3-4
Peek(Helm), Domination(Chest), Reign(Shoulders) & Ultimatum(Braces)

Asheara's Uniform (4pc) $6336-$6624, Wish x 34-44, Hoof x 12 & ToB x 3
Guard(Shoulders), Gait(Pants), Iron Fist(Gloves) & Tracks(Boots)

Guardian's Contingency (3pc) $6820-$8184, Wish x 30-39, Hoof x 11-12 & ToB x 2-3
Forsight(Helm), Deflector(Braces) & Sheath(Belt)

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10/22/2012 02:52 AMPosted by zakuza
Also looking for seven sins crafters to.

Yep, that would be me. I found the Seven Sins plans in act two a month ago.

82 Exquisite Essence
30 Irridescent Tears
2 Fiery Brimstone
8 Tomes of Secrets
136,136 gold

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Also now have
Singularity $10.080 W x 56 H x 14 ToB x 5
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