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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

While this bug was caught during testing and did not make it into the game, the result of it being fixed meant that monster damage -- specifically damage done by monster abilities -- was ultimately higher at MP1 through MP10 than we intended it to be when 1.0.5 released.

I must be an idiot for not understanding how they can pick up a damage bug in testing, which they fixed before patch launch, yet still can cause the damage to be higher.

You are not an idiot. The ppl who fall for this cheap excuse are.
There was 1 month of PTR, yet they found this 'BUG' 5 days after it went live.
what a joke

WOW, that's sad, really sad...

Monster damage is fine, nerf monster health or increase the XP/MF bonus but don't nerf the difficulty for god's sake.

Scraps, we don't all have 75 paragon levels worth of gear and gold banked. In fact, 98% of us don't. We work jobs and go to school. MP level 10 will still be challenging and the levels lower than this are still going to be plenty challenging for most people. My point lies in the fact that if you're bored, the Hardcore option is there for you until PvP surfaces.

I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week?

I was bored 2 weeks before the patch because I shotted everything. I farmed my !@# off to get where I am and I'm not bored NOW. I loved that I was getting my $%^ kicked in mp8+, it gave me something to strive for again. I wanted to be able to kill ubers at mp10, now I'll be able to do so at my current level.

Yeah, the majority of players are having problems with mp5 but what about those dedicated diablo players like myself. Where is our challenge? We're the players that kept playing when people QQed and quit on a daily basis.

MP Levels were made so that there would always be a challenge for ALL PLAYERS. So again, where is my challenge now?

Like I said, MP 10 should still prove a challenge. The health amount is remaining the same. You're going to be killing stuff at the same rate. Step out of your comfort zone and do hardcore or something? Work on gearing a different char? If you feel you've peaked on your monk, isn't that a sign to move on to a different class?
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Unless someone has the highest possible DPS then they can't possibly complain about this patch. If MP10 is too easy to survive, then drop survival gear for more DPS. The challenging part about MP10 is being able to farm it efficiently, I doubt anyone can do that right now because it takes so long to kill everything.
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10/22/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Protatoe
This change is great :) By the way, All your Softcore tears are delicious! Man up noobs, if you want a challenge hardcore is right there for you.

BOOM. Level P55 hardcore barb just put all the whiners in their place. Unfortunately, protatoe, they are not up to your challenge.
10/22/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Zuzax
Any specific Xah'rith changes or are you expecting these changes to calm him down a little?

So I am not the only one who thinks this guy has some serious issues? :D
Really, I may not be the best geared WD, in fact, I only play MP1-2 mostly, but even then, I die permanently on Xah'rith, he stands out pretty extreme in dmg, compared to the rest of the Key Keepers or other Elite Packs. And I'm a mostly save range fighter with my WD but still have to run like mad in this case, because he usualy is always closer to me than it's good for my health. ^^

The Monster Power adjustments are nice, maybe I can play MP3+ later, Key farming takes forever for us "small" players with low MP levels. ^^
But without more detailled adjustments, I'm sure, this Xah'rith steroid guy will stay as a real tough (and mostly unfair) challenge.

Actualy, why are Mobs allowed to produce so much dmg "ticks" in short time, but players are not? Demon Hunters and "Trail of Cinders" anyone? ;)
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The entitlement generation strikes again.
I bet all the people crying about this nerf are Barbs.

Your nerf will come... eventually.
All of the people complaining about Reflect Damage - it was probably one of the affixes that was scaling incorrectly with Monster Damage. Hopefully this means it's a little less damaging after tomorrow.
I don't see the point for this change, but I don't necessarily disagree with it.

If I noticed anything it should be the health that gets adjusted.
Monster power is fine the way it is, not only can anyone play on inferno and not want to throw the computer out the window and the insane difficulty, but they also have a chance at the best loot in the game, a good one at that. People who are better geared not only have a better chance at the best loot but also have more loot.
Either way everyone can play on inferno at the pace they want right now. I can barely do MP2 but im LOVING this game. I understand the MP5-10 are not at my level yet. But I know I CAN make it there now with out having to use my creditcard.

I wanted the inital Inferno neft i'll admit that, but this is taking it too far. There needs to be an option for those crazy people who love to die over and over and get a slightly better reward, wile everyone else can stand by their side and just get less rewards but at the same caliber.
120% Neft is a HUGE amount and should be considered carefully.
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edit= opps didnt read the bottom.
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I personally thought the damage was fine as it was, there was no need to change the damage, the health however is just ridiculous. Now with this low damage and stupid high health, rare and champion packs are just ging to be boring because the only thing you'll be doing is pounding on them for ten minutes straight.
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10/22/2012 12:14 PMPosted by KingKongor

Well stated.....you said it all in one word!!! w00t!
That's a joke ...

Even as a Wizard i already can tank in MP9 and i was looking for some upgrades for MP10.
But if MP10 becomes MP7, what the point ? Where is the challenge to bash monster that can't counter attack ?

At least create MP11/12 with 370%+ dmg ...
Hmmmmmm. Can't say i like this. I want the pain. Mp10 here i come i guess. :(
Crybabies win again ffs, IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, STAY THE F*CK OUT OF THE KITCHEN! Go play lower MP if you keep dying... easy solution

Unbelievable how Blizz keeps nerfing the difficulty of the game:(
Crybabies win again ffs, IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, STAY THE F*CK OUT OF THE KITCHEN! Go play lower MP if you keep dying... easy solution

Unbelievable how Blizz keeps nerfing the difficulty of the game:(

the nerf train has no brakes
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