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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

I am not ready for upper MP, so I do not have an opinion about this.

However there is one thing that I do not understand. If you're saying monster affixes were doing too much damage, so molten etc. Why nerf all damage? I was expecting you would say "we're nerfing fire damage" or something similar.
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Why do I have the feeling that this nerf is not needed and quite bad for the game, let me elaborate:
1) the higher difficulties gave more of a challenge, now after the hotfix lvl 10 would feel like lvl 7 on live. I know what you crybabies will say " o lvl 10 was only a gear check" so what? let it be something to stride for and invest in, not a joke/walk in the park
2) round 2 in the quest for completely destroying the auction house, gold and real money, more "noobs" farming => lower to the ground the price of good items. When finally I was enjoying the game a bit more this comes, yes my fun comes from selling to nublets insane items.

i completely agree.......

I'm guessing you two are on the internal dev testing team seeing as you already know how the mp* level will scale post patch, oh wait you're not. You are just a pair of elitist internet hero's who want the game their way and not the way the majority want it.
Good change. Lowers the ceiling on MP 10 a little. Clears up a lot of problems for wizards, since our major limitation on MP is being able to survive.
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This will now better execute your original intent.

The MP system and Infernal Machine has been the best patch to date as I actually play all the Acts now. I was getting sick and tired of A3.

Now just fix it so we can find teams in MP and give us additional goals beyond the Hellfire ring as I NEVER want to go back to A3 grinding as the only viable means for farming.
They stated from the first few days of PTR that they intended MP3 to be the equivilant of what Inferno was like pre-patch, and that definitely isn't the case. I'm not geared that well but enjoy playing and am looking forward to a better chance on key runs, but was also fine needing to bump down MP levels if I needed to. Just pointing out that (to me at least) there is no way that MP3 is playing the same as Act 3 Inferno was a month ago.

I also noticed that the elemental damage seems to be hurting much more. I can stand in a pool of poison and bash all day, but molten and lightning are really smarting.
This change is awful. The levels are perfect as is. This change will remove any challenge in the game for people that are already farming MP7+ and make it trivial as it was in 1.04
the whole point of monster power was so it would provide some level of difficulty and challenge and something to work towards

now you've just ripped that away for every player

it's going to be the same bland, boring garbage. i was enjoying the difficulty in mp8, and working towards gearing up for mp9 and 10, but now i have no reason to.

why can't you ever leave anything challenging for your most devoted players? why do you need to nerf all the time?

you had the PTR up for how long?

what a load of horsesht
How about all you narrow-minded people stop and think from the company's perspective.

Blizzard doesn't care about your opinions because you're a very very very small percentage of the player base. Obviously the new Monster Level system failed to draw back a lot of the player base that left. If it had succeeded then they wouldn't be reducing the damage of elite packs, making people have access to 2-3 MP levels higher than what they normally would have been able to do.

This is the same thing with the 1.0.4 Inferno nerf.

Complaining about making the game more accessible to a wider audience [possibly prolonging the life of the game (and by game I mean the AH's)] is just stupid and highlights the selfish nature of all you e-peen comparing !@#$%.
Thanks for the update!
I agree with the change but think its a little bit too severe. Perhaps reduce the nerfs slightly? I was enjoying farming 6-7 in a group as a challenge and 4-5 for solo runs. My gear still has miles to go and the changes make it seem like ill be farming 8-9-10 after the patch. My upgrades will mean less to me if i dont actually need them to press through higher difficulties.

Im with the people who want an MP 11/12 to cover the existing damage ranges, for progression/challenge's sake.
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They are not asking. They are telling.
MP10 Farming just became real for me or at least key farming..

Even with my damage it still takes a little bit to kill monsters in MP10...
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Can't say much will change for MP1-3...but from MP4-10 it's going to be a noticeable. I for one...approve this change.
Some mobs were hitting really hard i agree on that but i think its too much of a nerf...

maybe adjust the number a bit more like

MP1: 110 (down from 114%)
MP2: 122 (down from 130%)
MP3: 135 (down from 148%)
MP4: 150 (down from 169%)
MP5: 170 (down from 193%)
MP6: 195 (down from 220%)
MP7: 225 (down from 250%)
MP8: 255 (down from 285%)
MP9: 290 (down from 325%)
MP10: 325 (down from 371%)
I just don't get why everyone's complaining because Blizzard already stated that they want the difficulty scale of MP to be more about how much damage YOU do vs how much damage the MONSTERS do. They said outright that the game should be more about increasing the damage you can dish out (while still being able to survive) vs just going straight tank and tanking things for minutes on end while eventually bringing down rare or elite packs. If the damage was what scaled higher, and not the health, you'd be back to pre 1.04 Inferno where you get 1-2shot even with +600 AR and +1500 Vit, so you'd have to stack quite a bit more which would most likely significantly reduce your damage (for the same price point, that is).

Basically, Blizzard wants you to be able to focus on damage and not feel bad that your sustain isn't as high, so MP Health goes up higher than MP Damage does. End of story. Sure you can complain, but this IS what they want, they aren't making a "mistake".
All your nerf are belong to us.
Cool now i can completely crush MP10 without a care in the world about dieing. Overall this will allow people to spec for a bit less defensive abilities.

I feel sorry for the 10 wizes on my friends list who sold there archon gear to go CM wiz because dmg was to high and now its gonna be fine... smh.

I think the dmg nerf overall isnt a bad idea, but bring mp10 down like mp8, dont make it to easy!

Also, how about fixing the inherent issues with the scattering of the graphics and locking up in heavy graphical zones that never happened till this patch. (rakkis bridge, crater zones) That would be cool.
Lol at all the people whining about this change that was meant to be to begin with.Grow up.
wow this is like people crying about the TOC bug fix.

You do know that just like that.. this was a bug and the damage was never inteded to be dealt with this way.

That's what they want you to believe. It's like the 'bugged' Hell Fire ring proc. Weeks of internal testing + 1-2 weeks on PTR, suddenly "Oh, the proc is a bug, it does not suppose to do this damage" YEA RIGHT...
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