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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

this changes just bump me up to MP9 from MP6..........dont know if i should be happy or sad.
that's weird.... damage seemed okay to me. It was the monster's life that needs to be adjusted IMO.... Since you're decreasing damage, seems like more players will be higher up the MP level...

Monster damage is fine, nerf monster health or increase the XP/MF bonus but don't nerf the

Why wouldn't it?
Yeah, monster health is the problem, not the dmg
I bet there was data indicating that most people were playing on Monster power 0-3 and the percentages lowered significantly after that. This is probably their way of spreading people across all monster power levels and to make the next level more accessible from the previous.

Not necessary a bad thing.
Really Blizz... nobody was whining about the higher damage (crazy uh?) and you nerf the difficulty, again, this time with no reason at all. Where's the challenge in the game now?People will be farming MP10 in a month this way...
Casual gamers won again?
I don't get you guys. Did you not test inferno after you fixed this bug? Was it not apparent that a bug that scaled elite damage incorrectly might effect the overall difficulty you calculated earlier in the development cycle?

I'm going to agree with some of the other responses and say it's fine - let the bug lie.
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I think the current damage is just fine - this is coming from a HC player.

I don't see any whining in the forums at all about the current damage and you want to nerf it? Just wow.

QUIT making the game easier.
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Lylirra, I think it's quite clear already that monster dmg is fine as it is. Maybe check with your team at Blizz to see if u guys can pull the hotfix from happening tomorrow? No real need to hotfix something that isn't a problem at all.
honestly, it was fine, i only had a slight issue with Fire Damage, 800 Fire resist and that #$#% would still do mad dmg, arcane also ... sorta, I just think fire damage or fire resists are bugged somehow, with like 400 resist to poisons I can stand in poisons all day.
but with like 1000 resist to fire you still get pretty beat up... (feels no different than having like 0 fire resist).

HAHA I agree with this! It just seems crazy unbalanced the way elemental damage is scaling. I dont understand it
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If there is going to be normal maintenance tomorrow, why is there no post in the Service Status forum? There are several places where we can go to get info about when the service is/will be down or not and they often are in conflict with each other. Blizzard really needs to get their act together on this very simple issue and make sure that up-to-date info always appears in the following places:

- Service Status forum
- Server Status web page
- General Discussion forum sticky
- Breaking news on log on screen

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MP damage is perfectly fine the way it is... It should not be altered in any way. This game requires a challenge... MP is an OPTIONAL mechanic, why aren't we ever allowed to challenge ourselves?
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This is good news! I can go with a more offensive build and try a higher MP level to keep the game challenging but make it more rewarding.
Yea!!! This is awesome because I DESTROY mobs in mp6 but their dmg seems out of proportion to their hp.
Monster HP is not an issue
Normal Monster Damage is not an issue

Agreed if the Monster damage they are talking about is the elemental (which we noticed in PTR and has carried over into Live) should be changed. all noticed the scaling was high.

Moving this direction is good. Still makes battles at high MP levels take awhile but allows those (especially tank type builds) to stay melee and not melt in desc pools and molton trails as it has been thus far.

I hope just the elemental is changing and not just the regular damage not the HP. :)

simply go back to lower mp level, the only thing that has too much hp is goblin, the rest is just fine

LOL goblins are mangable with high dps, its that their portals cannot be interupted anymore. I can play mp10 with my barb, it just takes to long to kill elites that it becomes boring so fast.

But you can kill the elites in mp10? is not unkillable like that goblin, right? you didnt get my point. If you think you cant kill faster, go higher dps.
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