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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

Nothing about Monks. Seriously, the most broken thing in this game, the biggest failure by design is a playable class, and tons of them left the game or swiched character because of this.

That's why, in the lead up to 1.05, I levelled a Barb. It's a sad end to a character I put 160+ hours into. I still believe Monks can be good, but after playing a Barb, you can see why a Monk doesn't provide the same kind of value.
Why can't the number be round number? Just rounf them up or down and don't act cute!
really? more nerfs? crap...
See how many people are hating on your idea? Do you get it yet Blizzard? Only the noobs wanted an easier game. they came, they beat it on mp0, they left. Now put the difficulty back up. Honestly, you should lower the hp of mp10 and raise the damage in my opinion. mp10 just has too many hp in my opinion.
I really don't mind...

I think damage is fine as it is now, but I also think that stacking so much f'n defense in a ARPG is boring. Any change that allows for more dps-oriented gearing is fine with me.
Will this change also affect Uber Bosses?
People who want a challenge should stop playing ww barb and cm wiz and dont use the rmah either. Or maybe try an rts or chess. If you play diablo for the challenging gameplay (and not for the item hunt) youre stupid and will be disappointed.

People who want a challenge should use a Monk equipped with their own drops or vendor, with no AH.

I take that back, I wouldn't actually ask that of anyone.
Terrible idea, and to all the whiners if you can't do Mp10 don't complain about it,lower the MP lvl that's what its there for....

But hey if that is all it takes for all you cry babys to get your way then keep on crying i guess? Looks like you will be getting your way for a long time this way.
When will this go live?
Oh man legendaries are going to be out of control.
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I agree with what a lot of people said. Monster damage is fine. It's just the high hp which makes higher level fights rather boring. I can comfortably do mp7 at the moment and the adjustment will mean I can do mp10, which I don't want to. I would rather have some scope to keep upgrading my gear to get to mp10.
Was able to play MP10 before, but was quite spiky with the dmg, ugly combos killed me with 2 hits.
On MP7 it was okay, even a bit too easy.
Was fun to have a goal... to be able to look forward to something, gather better gear... to be able to farm MP10 as safe as MP7.
Dont think it would have ever been entirely safe, but thats fine since MP10 (optional mode)
on the highest diff. should be hard.
Now MP10 will be a cakewalk like mp6-7 were.

Long story short, pls dont nerf the monster dmg.
And one more point, MP10 on the P.T.R was exactly the same as it is now.
so why the hell do you call it a needed hotfix...
we all tested it the way it was and is, nobody complained.

You really should look into your internal testing team... since every Patch theres a major mistake going..

Tyraels dmg @ the Launch
Nether tentacles
1.0.3 Attackspeed, Nat set
1.0.4 CM wizzards, DH ToC
1.0.5 now MP
..I donnu why anybody would !@#$% over this. Crank up the DPS gear and go up a couple levels, have fun with it. it makes a lot more sense look at how steep the damage curve was. MP8-10 were unplayable without kiting like a mad man, or having a CM wiz permi freeze everything and if they slip up once.. 1 shot. At least now we won't have to get rolled by AH bandits for LS/LOH weapons at 1-2b a pop... ...well some of you won't I already paid the piper :(
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I say lets give the hotfix a try. If the game is to easy we can always try a few different skills and see if a slightly different skillset is fun or more challenging.
What is the point of this? People will still not farm MP10 because it is inefficient. At least before it was a fun challenge. Now it is not even that. I was already able to farm most of it before the nerf with a few exceptions, now it will be just long drawn out faceroll.

If anything, nerf the HP scaling, not the damage......

If people want to be more offensive, then just simply go at a lower monster power.
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I think the dmg was fine as it was. There's gonna be a LOT more players in MP10 now because of this. MP10 should have been almost untouchable by all except the top 1% of the players in this game. Now, there's probably gonna be 10-15% of the player base in MP10, and probably 15-20% in MP9+.

This is clearly a over optimistic estimation.....
Add more MPs if ure going to nerf em
are they even reading this !@#$%^- thread?

nobody likes this change

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