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Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

here i come mp8 :P
For the 1-3 percent who can do mp10 congrats. But to be geared that well to run mp10 is hard. Gear like that is incredibly hard to come by. There are people on this very forum who have farmed for 300-500 hundred hours and not have more than 1 or 2 BIS items. Lowering the damage does not make it any easier for 'Noob' it just makes it easier for the 1-3 percent of players who had the time + luck in getting that gear.

The amount of causal players out number the die hard players. They're catering to the casuals, that's how life works. Majority rules.

bots are probably already running mp10 already. Farmers and botters have billions of gold, they can buy the BIS items with relative ease. If you think they don't have the BIS already then I have a bridge to sell you.

you're playing the game 4 times to get to inferno. This is a action rpg not an mmo.
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WOW, that's sad, really sad...

Monster damage is fine, nerf monster health or increase the XP/MF bonus but don't nerf the difficulty for god's sake.

ermmm...You don't even play? Really? Why would you post here if you don't even play?
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Switch WC for earthquake...
awesome, i thought things like molten felt a little harsher than it should of been.
Very few will still be farming MP10 because of the massive HP pool

So even though it's easier, few will do it because it's not EFFICIENT. Also, damage reduced across the first few monster power levels is very little. (like 5-10%? Give me a break guys why are you crying about that)

I'll stick to my MP4 still.

Thank you Blizzard for another good change (helping out the vast majority of players, not just the flamers and no-lifers who come on this forum to just cry about every single patch/promise to quit but then don't).

Thank you Blizzard for continuing to improve your games and for not charging more for content. I have spent over 400 hours on this game since release, and I absolutely love it and will continue to enjoy it for months to come!

I have a full time job and I have a doctorate too. And no, before anybody calls me an undergeared noob, take one look at my gear. Increasing access to good gear for the vast majority of players is not a bad thing, when done to an extent.
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10/22/2012 11:39 AMPosted by Invoker668
i wish it was the hp nerf ;/ the damge is fine, gg blizz catering to noobs lol

How is Blizzard "catering to noobs"?

The whole point of MP is to provide an outlet for excessive damage. Someone with 100K DPS kills Act 1 MP 1 monsters just as fast as someone with 300K DPS, because monsters are dying nearly instantly anyways. The bulk of the time for either player is spent running to the next pack.

Let's say you clear MP 1 with 10 minutes of running around and 20 minutes of fighting. Going to MP 2 increases monster HP relative to MP 1 by about 50%. For some people, that means it'll now take 30 minutes of fighting for another 25% MF, GF, and 10% XP. You're making your run 33% longer, so no, you're not supposed to move on to MP 2. You can, but it won't be efficient for you, so you only do it if you think it's more fun if monsters take longer.

On the other hand, let's say you're clearing it with about 5 minutes of fighting, because even elite packs die within 5 seconds. See what I'm getting at? Only there's other things to consider. Overkill loss, for one, is the damage you would've done, only the monster died first. In the case of Diablo, that includes the few extra Energy Twisters you cast, or maybe the damage RLtW would've dealt if the monster had lived longer.

HP is supposed to be ridiculous in MP, to account for varying levels of DPS. It's not meant to be purely about survivability.




they have to please all the KINDERS, everyone has to FACEROLL EVERYTHING.
I think damage was fine, but HP is insane. I can only handle certain champs in MP10...certainly not the best for farming as it takes me 3ish minutes to down a pack.

With this little nerf, I may be able to survive...so that means 100% key drops.
Try it on hardcore slick

10/22/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Mikevall
Honestly i think the damage is fine the way it is. (IMO) Its Just that monsters have way to many hit points , in the higher MP lvls.
Wow, MP10 going to be a walk in the park now. I was liking the challenge.
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To all the QQers saying damage is fine and HP is too high, you can go with a more offensive build (or higher DPS gear) to kill faster. If you have already dropped every single defensive skill from your build, then have your mom go on ebay and buy you an NES and a battletoads cartridge for Christmas.

Britney Spears - Nerf me baby 1 more time
I've been able to run MP2 (sans butcher) on Act 1 pretty well even with my substandard gear, I guess I can hop it up to MP3. I hope they don't make it too much easier, I actually had tons of fun coming back to D3, running through Act 1 on MP1 and getting my face handed to me until I changed my skills and tactics and got better drops and gear, enough to scale up to MP2.
What the **** it's wrong with you?
Stop to nerf everything. The point of this it's the challenge.
So that is why we can chose wich level we want to play.
Come on!
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Heh, maybe Blizz should just add an MP11 with a 371% damage modifier.
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