Diablo® III

Sky Splitter Legendary Proc

Is there some kind of "Internal Cooldown" on it's proc? I seem to only get 1 every 4 to 7 seconds.

Considering the fact that my Sky Splitter has 20% Chance to proc, having 2.45 Attacks per second. Using Gas Grenades and Shuriken with Trail of Cinders and Chain of Torment as my other sources of supposed proc :)
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I think it CAN, AND MAY ONLY PROC, every after 3 seconds.
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Yup. after some tests.. it only procs somewhere around 2 to 3 seconds. There is indeed an internal cooldown of sorts..

Is this working as intended? >_<
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I think it's the same cooldown the Shenlong fists have on their ball of energy: they shoot even without hitting an enemy, so it's far easier to see there is a simple cooldown on these affixes.
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Err.. I think even Wizard Spike falls under this. Since I used my 77% increase Attack Speed gears on a Barb dual wielding both Sky Splitter and Wizard Spike..

Couple that with Frenzy and Wrath.. It netted me somewhere around 4.++ Attacks per second.

But nope.. they proc almost at the same time, every time. somewhere around 2-3 seconds interval.

Mind you, Sky Splitter is ON HIT. Wizard Spike is WHEN ATTACK. they are different ^_^
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thanks for the information, googled it. EDIT: But why post this in bug report???????

On hit at the moment is alot better than when attack If you are using channeling spells as it's bugged. when attack only is released when you start a spell not channeling it.

That's why I think sky splitter is nice for channelers, that need to stand still. So a standing enemy is quite useful too! On the downside, it has very poor stats, No lifelech and not even critical damage... only one random stat, obviously u want the socket.
The internal cooldown of 2-seconds makes this weapon very weak, because it has poor stats and can not release it's stun very often as upside.

Conclusion: It's a midbudget-weapon. U sacrifice alot of damage for occasional safety. Maybe as second slot item versus harder mobs. < Oh wait, there is no second slot in this "modern" game, so you ahve to put it in your inventory and switch manually.
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