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No way to change my character on the forum?

I'm stuck as SirSteel with no visible option to change to my other guy, Decapitator... so I can't search all my posts!

I'm talking about in the upper right corner of the forum software, under the Search box. It appears to be out of sync with who I'm posting as as clearly I'm posting as Decapitator yet up there it says I'm using my SirSteel character.

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And here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/3355037/ it says SirSteel as the last poster while here in the actual topic I'm Decapitator.
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Still can't change it D: and still can't have it search posts for Decapitator instead of SirSteel. I have to go in to a thread and navigate to a Quick Reply box and click the "v" arrow to be able to review all posts made by my Decapitator account.
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I can change to SirSteel and back to Decapitator but it won't change the character in the top right corner. So I can change who I post as but the forum software is bugged and regardless of which character I use it will always say that SirSteel created threads that Decapitator had made and that SirSteel was the last poster when it was in fact Decapitator.

I don't have an option to change character via the top right area of the forum, instead I have to change it via the"v" button next to each of my posts or next to the Quick Reply box.

Using the "View My Posts" link from the top right corner of the forum will always show posts made by my SirSteel character and never ever for any of my other characters. Every other location that lets me view my posts will function properly and display my current character name.

Edit: Funnily enough the same issue of being able to switch characters via the upper right corner is also missing on the Starcraft 2 forum software and on there it is stuck on my Decapitator account.
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Still no way :/

I can change who I post as, via next to each post and next to the Quick Reply box but not via the top right corner. If I quickly want to find most of my posts I have to find a post from Decapitator and click the option to view posts from that post of his.
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Yeah but why let us change who we post as when viewing a thread containing our posts, but not let us change who we are when just viewing the forum? It used to let you and then they changed it and the restriction seems very arbitrary.

I thank you for the tip, but that is a one time only deal and involves changing the name of an existing account, rather then choosing from an existing account.
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Both games are registered to the one account and I'm more talking about being able to choose the "character" you want to communicate with. It does not list them in the top right corner, only next to my posts and the quick reply box does it have such an option.

The old system let me choose from the top right among my WoW, D3 and SC2 characters/user accounts and now it no longer does.
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Here are some pictures to help clarify what I am talking about. I am unsure why I never bothered to do this before! (Note: Starcraft 2 forum has disabled this method of changing "Character" that I depict in these images.)

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They uh, seem to have finally fixed it!?
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