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I've noticed that a fair few people are getting back into the game, to make it easier for everyone why not post in here your char, style of play, mp level and how you like to farm.
eg- me
WD - pets to take agro and bears to dps
will be doing mp3-4 depending on party and i like to clear whole acts since everywhere seems rewarding now
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WW barb
Kill trash mobs plus elite packs or I can run through and just kill elite packs
MP5 sometimes mp4 on act 3 depending on the party.

add me if interested in farming.
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Barb - either a 90k dps or 50k LoH build depending on the mp level. Typically mp 3 or 4.
If there is black on the map, then we haven't finished yet...... ;-) any act.
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monk. Bell dropping, stuns and knockback. Not ideal for pairing up with meteor/ WW wiz. Tbh not ideal in parties with anyone lol. which is why i solo most of the time.

Act 3 run. Start quest immidiately before sigebreaker (with rakkis waypoint). Go there to get free pet aka tyreal. Go back to keep and start from there..... and kill every single monster in act 3. And open every chest. Takes about 3 hours...... Currently on MP2.
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Melee Sorc with Blizzard and Hydra plus Archon.

Melee build is 90k dps and can tank upto MP3. Viable in MP4/5, but cannot tank elites well at MP4+.

I can change to glass cannon/force weapon/sparkflint build for around 120k dps which works if someone else is tanking, or in MP1/MP2 if I am tanking.

For farming runs, I prefer to do as much as I can, whilst concentrating on densely populated areas.

Act 1 Festering woods, cemetery, highlands for cave of moon clan, leorics manor grounds and then halls of agony through to the butcher + keymaster and any elites.

Act 2 Cave of the betrayer, vault of the assassin, Zoltan Kulles area, Belial and keymaster in the Dalgur Oasis.

Act 3 - I usually skip straight to the Keep then clear everything all the way to Azmodan.

Act 4 - hardly ever bother - usually end up at the end and have to try to find enough elites to get 5 stacks.
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Used to love doing Watch Tower but apparently they moved it to Southern Highlands? Have yet to find it since they moved it. Yet another brilliant idea to 'nerf' fun.
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DH 170K dps, 60k HP or 210k dps, 50k HP. Will farm however you like as long as its fun. MP lvl upto 7
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nice nikki, complete show off, but nice :)
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Meh, too good for some, not good enough for others :)
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i'll add you tonight, i like having a dh around
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DH farming on MP5/6. I'm on most nights from 9pm - 12am (or a bit more).

Act 1 - I just farm the key here with 5 stacks from cemetary/ fields of misery and go directly to the Warden.

Act 2 - Get 5 stacks at roads to Alcanus and kill the warden at the Oasis plus whatever other elites I come across

Act 3 - My bread and butter act. I clear from the fields for 5 stacks. Kill the warden at stoneforts then continue with the fields up to Azmodan. Finish off with Keeps 1-3.

I generally like to clear maps, open all chests and kill all mobs but will go with the flow of the party. Mobs also drop nice rares and legends as well y'know ;)

Add me if you need an extra person for key/uber farming/ general messing around in acts.
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perma-freeze wizard
could hold up (tanking) until MP8 with decent party

but happy to do any MP, as long as it is fun

only do 110k dps tho
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oh is that all? douche ;) ive been enjoying blasting away through mp1 the last 2 nights, drops have been very rewarding and its fun in a party:)
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I do MP1 - 4 mainly. Can do MP5 - 6 if with I'm playing with certain people whom I know their style of play.
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DH, 24 speed, farm MP1 just because its easier. Can hold crowd and stay alive on MP2-3 public till disc last. Happy to go and try higher MPs.

From some recent pub games found out that can provide good assistance to barb or monk with stun (bola/thunder) while they doing their job, or if they pull monster electrify with ball lightning :)
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WW or Rend barb , 24 speed. love speed run for farming

mp1-mp4.. act1 -3 farming..

add me :)
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Dual wield cyclone build monk here, @ 115k dps. ~500Loh, 2.8LS

Blinding flash > sweeping wind > kill kill kill YAWN!

Atm just key farming.
A1: Festering Woods for 4nv and then Fields of Misery for the last.
A2: Road to Alcarnus for 2nv, then the rest in Dalghur Oasis - sometimes Desolate Sands for Vault of the Assassin.
A3: Keeps 3 reverse till I get 4nv, then head to Stonefort.

Doing MP4 solo with ease (haven't tried since hotfix). Can do MP6... but probably that now since the hotfix :)
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Reporting for duty Sir!

shield/boar DH 100k DPS, can solo mp3/mp4, currently running with a monk and dh friend.

doing key farming/hellfire hunting but happy to follow party leader

Also looking for mates to defeat uber bosses at mp4=>
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