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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

@Harrower - i've explained quite abit on IAS regarding meteor molten impact. you can find the link on the first post of this thread. its the guide video ! hope that helps !
Quick question # 82345435045

I'm torn between Triumvirate and Tally's Glare. With trium I get a whopping 6% to fire and arcane damage, great for molten or starpact. With tally's glare I get more apoc, reduced meteor cost, and a little more damage.

What say you Emperor?

Also, I can't find a good life steal weapon for a decent price so I decided to use a hybrid of your original build and the advanced build. Essentially it's the molten build but instead of arcanot I put blood magic back in. I really don't see the use of arcanot at all. Do you think this will ruin the integrity of the build?

Thanks a bunch for all your help!
Until next time.

TRI doesnt work liek you think
10/27/2012 08:59 AMPosted by KaosSoul
@at Isf get a Tal ammy with Fire bonus dmg too!

another noob that doesnt know how +X% to elemental dmg works
Hey Emp,

I put a lot into creating this build, and actually went from ~170k dps to ~65k dps. I spent a lot of time and money but I love it! MP 4 is a cakewalk with such little dps.

My question for you is this: is the difference in your dps and mine almost completely attributed to int? I'm looking at our gear and mine feels very similar to your, but you somehow have almost 2x my dps. I know that one reason for the new low dps to begin with is that I sacrificed all of my ias. I don't need 170 again, just looking to be closer to where you're at!

All help is much appreciated, and thanks a ton for the build idea!

(I have all of my ~170k dps gear still in my stash, and am probably gonna switch a couple of items back, specifically my chest as it is my only ias item on now and my old chest is higher dps/less defensive)
I just noticed that CC > AP Regen, moved away some Rashas and I can now sustain meteor.

Got a 10cc amulet to test and even with -10k and dps 23k life I can kill much faster, no die and almost no downtime of meteor.

I'm with -13 meteor items and +27Apoc +35cc

I'm doing mp6 now...
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@JeffB2290 - hmmm, yup your gear is similar to mine, heres some upgrades that i think that can improve your gear
- Tal ammy : that bonus elemental damage will improve your dps by alot, about 5k from the element damage ALONE. (expensive yes i know :( )
- higher dps source !
- probably more int on some of your gears ! for e.g - skull grasp !
search for one above 200int or one with CC or one with CD ~

i hope thats helpful !

@nihues - yup CC will always beat ap regen, but ap regen has its uses ^^ !
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so how much does one actually need for this build to be useful?
Hey Emperor, or anyone who knows this build better then me can give me an advice?
Can u guys check my gear, and tell me what do i need to change? Im already using this build, and OWNING...MP8 packs melt in front of me. Buuuut, i want more DPS, or make it even more effective. I cant use meteor 100% of the time yet...i can spam it after i get some control over the elite..but not so fast :l
Im at 48% CC, 2.45 APS, 24% MS, 250% Crit Damage, 450 - 650 @res
sorry about my bad english @_@
thanks guys <3
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Emperor - have you tried to use the comet rune within Meteor in combination with Cold blooded? I was wondering if the +20% cold dmg and extra slow provided by comet would out weigh going molten impact with conflagration (10% proc for 3 seconds vs. 20% anytime dmg).
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@pichapiegal you need a decent amount of APoC (15-20 minimum), 35-40%+ crit chance, and 40-50k+ dps to be effective i would say. i have 30 ApoC with the 4 piece tal rasha set bonus for AP regen and still am needing more power vs. single target fights. i feel as if it just goes with the territory of the build. emperor can comment on more but that is what i found is best to see the build begin to shine.

@midas i do not think attack speed is as important for this build as it is so power hungry. many times you will be out of power because there are not enough mobs to keep crits up and feed you power. i think the main way to get around this is to get items that have -AP cost on Meteor which will allow you to spam more efficiently. this all being said with you using the more advanced build that includes molten impact, rather than the star impact.
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Awsome build! For some reason i just can't get my self to CM so this is an awsome alternative.
With some light kiting i can get my 5 stack and take down Wardens in MP10. Trying to find a Skull grasp w/ Meteor on it is a pain but the upgraded dps on my yellow ring is ok for now {tho i really feel the strain on lack of meteors on longer boss fights.
Would like to make the switch to Storm crow but i feel that without my 4pc set bonus It will cancel out my upgrade in APOC gain. I could switch to Tal ammy but..... im a little short the 300mill+.
That said to answer your question Pichapiegal to do what Emperor can do isnt cheap but with some smart AHing and a little luck... farming MP6 with a sence of comfort is feasible for under a 100m or more. but u really need to focus on getting those meteors cheap to cast. For now if you do not have stellar gear i would stick with the "Pink Ballz" build as AP is much more simple and cheaper on the wallet to maintain then the.."Face Melter" build.

Thanx again to Sceleus for a killer build and to Emperor for taking it to " Over 9000
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@pichaepiegal - it depends on what your "useful" is referring to... for mp 1 - 3 using starpact, its very cheap, you could easily get all the parts for it for less than 10m. molten impact is more expensive though, but the dps on it really outshines starpact.

@Midas - well for this build as what CosmosKramer said, IAS is actually counter productive because meteor burn ticks are not based off IAS, they have a fixed tick rate. critical damage and critical chance are two important keys to getting very high damage off your meteors. A tal ammy with CC would also increase your damage if you used a black weapon due to the +% element dmg on it.

@CosmosKramer - yup i've tried comet with cold blooded, the damage isn't as high as molten with conflagaration and the snare doesn't stack with slow time ^^.

@Timbuctoo - thank you for your gracious compliments! im glad you liked the build !
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Great build! This seems like a very fun build... I'm going to try it when I'm done building my Demon Hunter.
Update! Added new video
- How i dealing with reflect damage while on this build !

Do check it out guys!
good build, been using it already since 1.05 release, a lot more fun and damage intensive on ubers to use meteor shower. blood magic helps with reflect damage, and i use teleport with wormhole to avoid kules bubble and tele revive easier, i see no reason to use fracture on ubers, they never seem to fall for it.
also you should try electrocute with surge of power to regain ap if your apoc isnt quite high enough to keep it going forever.
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Emporor, i added you as friend to ask a couple questions in game. please accept ! (BlinG)
Sweet build man, decided to try it on a whim tonight and it is impressive. All I needed to do was drop 13 mil on a new offhand with -5 meteor and a skullgrasp for 600k with -1 meteor and it is essentially spammable forever. The rest of the gear I already had, using a mix of archon and cm/ww pieces that complements my crit and AP.

Next moves for me will be an soj with -4 or -5, tals belt with 150+int and 50+AR so I can get the 4 piece bonus for an extra 2 ap/sec, using arcanot so it will bring total to 6 ap/sec, with 19apoc and under 2.0 attacks I'll be rolling.
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Hi, I quit this game when it was at patch 1.0.3. I only recently returned to the game knowing that drops are better. I tried to use the old blizzard hydra kiting build last month but it just didn't work for me at all. (I have crap gear from the previous patches). Got frustrated and decided to head to the forums for some build guidelines. I saw this thread and gave this build a try. I have been playing this build for the past 2 weeks and I finally decided to login and say a big thank you for this awesome build. The game just got more fun.
Thanks and cheers mate :-)
very fun build to play. AH is down so i cant buy the rings to make meteor cheaper but it's definitely a welcome change of pace from WW or archon.

If it's not already mentioned, get your Scoundrel a Hellrack crossbow. The snare is awesome.
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