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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

Hi guys !

Frist I wanted to thank you for this awesome build ;). I'm using it since a few days and now I can manage mp5 with 100k (buffed) ! It requires a bit of concentration but I like this nervous playstyle :). However, I bought today the Stone of Jordan (-4 for 15m) and I try Molten Holy Raining Searing Omega Meteors, and the damages are HUGE (around 700-800k to elites with my 95k buffed xD). But here's why I came here, apart from thanking you, I get one-shot by Reflect monsters. I already use the 1.5 LL rune and got about 350 LoH (can switch up to 950 but the result is quite the same).
Second problem is AP. Even with 27 ApoC and Astral Presence I feel some lack of spam-ability ...

Any advices ?

Thanks in advance :)

PS: here's my gear:

(hope you'll be able to understand it, it's not in english...)
just swap to a big 2h staff with 6% lifesteal and dps them down. yes it will take longer and you wont be able to spam as fast, but you wont die that way.
ijust check on the other link. The post said to have 2.74 attack speed. But i thought attack speed is not beneficial to this particular build .
Thanks for the build.
I liked this meteor-style, finally feel myself something like D2 Meteor Sorc.
I've changed some skills due to fact I don't want to get so many special items with - meteor cost. Probably it's something less useful then original build but I wanted to share it, may be someone else would like it too.
It's kind of more kiting then original.
LL is used to get AP by APoC and I don't use Lightning Armor coz of my low survivability so Prismatic Armor is my choice, probably someone will use rune for +20 AP instead of that.
All is about Teleport:Fracture and Illusionist. DS:Prism is too weak and I used to lose it very fast with my low skill =) So I teleport closer to mobs and use Sphere + DS while mobs are killing my copies. That's some time to use attacking skills. As far they start to beat me Illusionist procs and I use Teleport for a little distance backwards/forward + Sphere + DS again and so on. Also teleport lets me to get out of chains/fire/other bad things and get closer to distance mobs.
I hope someone will find it useful.
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@Julius - you could try getting a skull grasp with meteor reduction as well, weapon with LS and then you no longer need magic weapon, you can use familiar with arcanot. as for reflect damage, i made a video about it, i hope it helps you, it is on the first post.

@AprilMary - yes, for this particular build, IAS is not beneficial, but for other builds tat requires you to use play it like cm/ww, attack speed is the most important than followed by CC.

@CosmosKramer - i'm sorry , i didn't receive the friendrequest as my buddy list was full, i've freed up some space now, can you re-add~ sorry!
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Must be near impossible to get a sticky... Greatwork Emp.

Anyone reading this should be hitting the "request Sticky" at top right of page under your account name /login area.
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hi guys, i just came back to diablo after 1.05 and came across this new build.

is there a minimum required stat needed for this build to obtain sustainable dps before i take the dive to the gear? i'm sure other wizards out there looking to try out this build have would like to know as well
Recently started using this build and loving it so far. I switched out the magic weapon skill for hydra just to have some more constant dps and its been working really well. Ive also found that having the full Tal Rasha set bonus is very helpful to keep spamming the meteors. Also just finished my chantodo's set and have been able to plow through mp5+
@Aphraell - thank you! and for the skull grasps, i don't think its worth it, -4 meteor costs and -2 has a really steep curve in terms of effective-ness.

@chendol - at least 25 apoc, 35% cc, -5 meteor ap cost for starpact, for molten, you can take a look at the video i've posted recently. hope that helps

@Sneric - i'm glad you liked the build!
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I made a Gameplay demonstration Video of this build, check it out here:

fun build. was getting sick of my old wiz.

@emperor : is the ap regen bonus from tal's set necessary to spam molten? also, what do you think about removing one of the rings (soj/skull grasp) and instead of ice climbers go for nat's boot / ring set for the extra 7%cc? I'm kind of curious if you can still spam meteor with (apoc on helm/weapon/source/one ring). i would love the extra dmg from witching hour/nat's boot/ring combo.
Changed my Archon over to this for fun. Easily runs 4 and could probably do 5 with a bit more dancing or a bit more AP reduction stuff. Fun!

Ah, your build is really similar to the one I'm using atm but I picked frost nova instead of bubble and a different diamond rune. Because I didnt want to give up the tal helm dropped on me and my apoc is kinda low for spamming meteor. I need the extra protection and crowd control skill.

And, instead of getting more apoc on the gears, I focused on higher crit chance so I can proc more often with less meteors. For now I can solo mp5 very comfortably with no kiting required and mp6 occasionally dying to RD mobs, and farm mp8 nicely including ubers if there's a CM/WW wiz or a good meat shield around.

I need some LS on my dps wand but damn the one I tried to bid on got sniped and flipped to 200m by some damn flippers....

I really like my (new) wiz, even more so than my old 700 hr pile of rusting barb metal lol
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i have a question. do i need the tal ammy? i want to have high crit but getting a set one like that with crit costs too much for me. i was thinking of just using a head piece instead. can i still roll this with about 20 apoc and -4-5 to meteor? (with Tal set of course)
It's do-able with ~20 apoc and -5 cost . But you need high crit chance and good dps / protection so you do more dmg/proc with less meteors(still semi spammable )and can take afew hits when things go sideways.
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I run a variant of this on MP6 with 18 APoC... do have Tal's source/chest/helm. It just takes a second or two longer to get things rolling. I think attack speed is still very important and that's what I'm upgrading rather than more crit or dps.
@TheOroboros - for ammies, you can also try mara's with CC and meteor reduction ^^
thanks for this build Emperor, I was a WnB Wiz (wand and board! lol) before and since 1.05 I've been using this build. Been playing on public and it pisses them off since it rips all monsters before they hit them! the reason why I'm Playing on MP5 instead.

Some points I observed:
IAS = increases the speed of casting meteors depending on your Arcane Pool
RD = will kill you instantly specially if you spam 1m+ damage on a MOB. I use hydra primarily for this (sacrificed clones since I can still tank a bit). Otherwise, Make sure you have diamond skin to take the reflected dmge
CC/CD = the best thing for this build IMO
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The bubble for 20% dmg + frost nova bone chill for 15% dmg work really well together and keeps mobs under the bubble longer. I switched out familiar arcanot for bone chill since i got my 4th piece of tal set for that extra 2ap/sec regen.
@CALVERT - for RD mobs, you might wanna check out my recent new video regarding RD ! i hope it helps you in that case!
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