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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

Hi Emperor! Firstly, thanks so much for this build! I have just returned to D3 after stopping for 2 months and this build has really ignited my love for my Wiz!

I have a pretty low-end Wiz but is having a blast with this spec right now. However, I currently do not have enough gold to get Tal's Ammy so in order to get the 4 piece bonus i sacrificed my APoC helm for Tal's helm, leaving me with 20 APoC. My question is - is the 2ap/sec bonus worth sarificing 10 APoC for?

Thanks a million, and keep up the good work! :)
@novice - yeah CD over IAS for this build. and since the amount of life you steals relates to how much damage your doing, you will never need more than 3.00. I'm running with 2.3 LS and 120k paper dps & i'm doing fine.

@DYXLesS - thanks :D!

@T1geR - you should try the advanced build of it :P you'll love it.

@aceD - very nice gear setup ! you could use some CC on tal's amulet. i believe you stil have problems upkeeping your ap though, so i'd recommend tal's set for the ap bonus. *note - tal's belt is not as bad as you think :P it has 1% cc and 3-4% bonus to elites* .

@ahwei - thank you ! in regards to your question, i don't know the exact scales but i estimate its around these. if you have high CC (above 35), apoc would definately be more beneficial, if not, ap per sec is very helpful. the thing about this build is that you would want to make use of any form of ap acquisition methods, so it's best to have both.
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@Rune - wow, will get that soon. definately gonna be very useful! thanks for the tips

So I see you now have your Scoundrel better geared then mine. I only have more MF but your freeze chance is quite awesome. How are you finding him? I love my scoundrel and will never go back to any other.
@Rune - i absolutely love him now. its like having a freeze cm around ! monsters hardly touch me anymore and they just stand at the same spot and eat my meteors damage. LOVE IT. thanks alot for the tip !
I don't know if this has been mentioned here but I've been running a setup really similar to this but I have found energy armor with the rune for extra 20 arcane power to be sweet with this setup.

Also I use forked lightning instead of slow time so the extra armor bonus from energy armor helps for taking a few his here and there. Also using blur with astral and CM for passives

Anyone else find the extra 20 arcane from energy tap to be superior for getting off more meteors over the storm armor rune?
I know it's already been said ALOT. So to pile on....Thank you Emp for starting this thread and all the great advice!

Tango, my $.02: Depending on the group (ie no Barb running War Cry) and MP Level (at higher MP's I need the extra armor), I use Energy Armor with the Tap the Source Rune.

I also like to use the Storm Armor/Shocking Aspect since I use LL to refresh my AP and deal with reflect dmg. With the LoH and LS on my gear, LL is great against reflect. And the shocking aspect adds some dmg to an otherwise weak dmg spell...
Wow I didn't know what LL was but i figured out it's living lightning and just tried it out for the first time and wow. Sooooo much more efficient for keeping up arcane power than forked lightning it seems so far. I'm pumped!!!
@Tango - Glad I could be the one to make a suggestion that helped someone else for once! I hated LL for the longest time cuz I didn't understand it. Then I saw someone else using it, asked some questions, and had the exact same experience of "oh wow, this is awesome!"

With decent crit chance and APoC, you don't even need to use the Prodigy passive. If no sources of APoC, LL + Prodigy still fills the AP globe pretty quickly.
@Blastum yes, LL is pretty good in proccing APoC, in fact a lot of people use it like a poor man's WW...for me, i end up using it like a CM/WW format , using FN and meteors, while letting LL cut the cooldowns. Only thing is the need to invest in IAS gear.

@Emperor, I really disliked playing the wizard (monotony of CM/WW) until I came across this thread. Thanks for taking the time to describe the pros/cons, playstyle, and gearing of this RM method. It truley brings back the joy of nuking large mobs into oblivion.

My problem is that I still seem to be running into situations where I runn out of AP in a fight, and get pwned. I had recently changed up my off-hand to a Tal, so my gearing now has +29APoC, +26MaxAP, 48%CC unbuffed, and just 30AP per meteor with skills changes.
With that, I still can't seem to consistently fend off a mob and bosses in MP3...any suggestions?
Also, I would love to group with you one day to "see" you pwn first hand =)
@kennelmaster - hey, sure add me up ^^! and regarding the problems your facing, i believe the solution is a weapon with lifesteal, apoc and crit dmg/socket much like mine. it'll be very easy once you get them, you definitely will see the difference.

but if your having problems upkeeping your ap for consistent meteors, you might want to get some meteor ap reduction items like soj, mara's or skull grasp.
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@emporer, im really struggling with soloing higher lvl MPs. In groups up to MP5 is no problem and I've done MP 10 Ubers using this build (mostly got carried ;0).

However, when i solo i'm stuggling with survivability in even MP3.

I have pretty good AR. I'm trying to get more armour but I cant give up vitality for it (i.e., my bracers).


Currently, my plan is to get rid of the zunis chest and WH and replace with tal rashas.

Get rid of the rare ring and zuni boots and get natalyas reflection (with CD) for the 7% as well as some AR and Armour.

replace ammy with a 6.5CC+ tal's allegiance.


This is where my build is currently headed but I could use some advice on whether or not you think this is a good direction for getting to solo mp4-5.

ps. how the hell u play with no movement speed?
Well i got a new wand with apoc finally, was sorta expensive but has made a huge difference, I am currently tearing it up on MP4 no problems, would up it further if it wasn't for the fact it's not nearly as effecient.

Anyways was thinking that I should go for a nice Zunni pox with cc or Zunni boots next. What would you guys recommend based on my build and current gear.

By the way I pretty much came up with my build as I went along making my wiz. Didn't use any guides, stuck purely with my own ideas and build strategies, but thought this was pretty similar to where I ended up but not nearly the same.

If anyone wants to hear why I have chosen what I'm using I would gladly explain as I was thinking of posting my build on this forum and why I use the skills I'm using.
Great guide, having a lot of fun with it. Any advice on how to improve mine further?

@aceD - wow how do you struggle in mp 3 with that gear set. it should be a cakewalk for you. you have high AR, lifesteal and decent CC. here's my personal mindset when i play, never be afraid of the mobs when you have lifesteal (unless they have RD affix), just cast slow time, and throw meteors relentlessly at them, and spamming diamond skin while your at it. your lifesteal will work its magic. keep an eye out for stuff like desecrator, firechains and arcane sentry. when your in a bad position, just tele away and repeat. (i usually farm vaults of the assassin in act 2; act 3 fallen lunatics are a pain in the @ss for me)

i wouldn't opt to go for nat's ring unless it has CC of >4%. zuni's ring with zuni's boots are insane dmg boosters, but stil, for this build, imo, the best ring for it is a skull grasp with meteor reduction and CC. but those are really really hard to find and very expensive. the thing about this build is that you would want to constantly spam molten impact, and i think high ap regen and high ap reduction for meteors are perfectly synergised to create that effect so you might want to focus on them.

in regards to playing with no movement speed, i don't see any problems (except fallen lunatics) playing without movement speed. the usual problematic monsters are hulking phase beasts and they have teleport. also, ice climbers with MS are too expensive for me to afford :P

@Boon - a black weapon with the same stats, stormcrow, soj with meteor reduction, tal's ammy with CC and you'll see your meteor's damage skyrocket. ( these items work together to form some really sick damage because of the element damage from all of them)
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Nice build emperor :) been seeing this thread for a while and take a peek today :)

By the way, it makes me think you're presenter of this build now :D Have u ever had some feelings that you want to play (or try) other builds (or mainstream builds) a bit ? I wonder if it's like carrying a rock when you have disciples.

That's just my curiosity :)

Oh and keep up with good work bro ! You've created a nice build there and don't mind those !@#$% who say this build is inefficient when it's flashy and you're having fun playing it !
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@Inspy - hey thanks for your gracious compliments!

well i've played quite a few builds before
1. Kiting build (blizz + hydra) it was challenging pre patch
2. Archon build
3. CM/WW build (sold off my archon set to regear for this, realize it wasn't my cut, spamming 4 buttons all the time is too much for a leisure game, didn't wanted to use a macro, so i sold everything AGAIN)

then i got really bored so i tried playing around with skills, always wanted to use meteor as a signature spell, so this is what i came up with !
thanks for your quick reply, will keep tat in mind :)
When not holding into account that Conflagration takes all sources of dmg into account (for group play that is), should Comet + Cold Blooded be a nice replacement for some more slow/cc when TimeWarp is on cooldown? The net result should be +/- the same (Molten Impact: 390% dmg + 90% over 3 sec + 10% on conflag versus Comet : 312% + 72% over 3 sec + 60% slow + 20% dmg from Cold Blooded)
Or am I overseeing some ingame mechanics that would favour Molten Impact over Comet?
While I love playing the meteor build im gonna switch to archon to level my paragon faster and ill switch back later Im sure. In the mean time im selling my old metoer reduction items so if any1 wants to try this spec out or needs upgrades to theirs check my thread out here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7320262020#1 thanks
i've been monitoring this thread from the start, just lurking. had to finally post. love the idea emperor. i echo everyone's praise in here.

i'm really close to finishing my build. just need a skull grasp. however, despite the lack of the skull grasp, and the lack of APOC on my weapon (just can't trade it, so much damage), i still spam enough under the bubble that AP is rarely an issue. i can solo farm MP7 pretty easily, and RD is my only problem. i'm not respeccing for RD since bliz promised to fix.

here's my build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/diablowjob-1717/hero/1570417

of note, i'm running a magic find build, with 24% run speed (which helps A TON, seriously, once you max out run speed, you wonder how you ever played before), and also my APS is 1.74. personally, i like higher APS. i know that you drain AP faster, but it also allows you to spam out all your meteors quicker, thus speeding up the APOC process, and also ensuring that you get all your meteors out before the DS wears off.

in conclusion, having come from CMWW, this build rocks. run speed, teleport and time bubble make it so easy to avoid damage, and my big crits clock in at over 1M damage. so awesome!
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