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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

I'm really close to finishing my build. just need a skull grasp.
I don't normally advertise like this and I beg the pardon of Emperor for hijacking his thread, but I do have a Skull Grasp with 4%cc and -4 Reduction of Meteor if you're interested. I was messing around recently with spamming Meteor, but I just don't think it's my thing. But more power to everyone in the thread that loves the build! So if you're interested, feel free to bid on it on the AH or message me in-game (TekkZero#1963). :)
Edited by TekkZero#1963 on 12/5/2012 10:09 AM PST
is it the one with an open bid on the AH? i'm actually completely broke. my best friend (who's an idiot) was convinced in game to download what he thought was a gear swapper, and he installed this program, logged in and all his stuff was gone. bliz refused to roll him back, so i gave him 120M gold. all i have right now is like 4.5M gold. i'd be willing to give you gems though. that's exactly the ring i want.
Unfortunately, I dunno if mine is the one you're talking about. When I last checked, there are only two Skull Grasp on the market right now with crit chance and -4 meteor reduction (mine and another). Mine is the one with +135 STR, IAS 7%, LOH 173, 203 ARMOR, CC 4%, -4 Meteor. I'm a big sucker for getting more armor (even if it means strength), so no intelligence on mine. But if you're still interested and I can understand if you're not, feel free to ping me in game and maybe we can work something out. Like you I'm also strapped on cash. But I would definitely be willing to consider gems, since you're short on gold. I pulled it temporarily off the market, but will put it back up on the AH if you're not interested.
I appreciate that very much. Unfortunately I'm really trying to get one with INT, which sucks because those are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive lol. Don't hold out for me, but again, I really really appreciate the offer. I also sent you an add. I'd be glad to run with you anytime we're both online.
do you honestly think your the first person to discover something like this? Ive been using this same build forever except mine is spamable because i use so much regen im getting back over 6 arcane per sec and higher in solo.

lmao. And to be honest if you have enough reduction of cost comet storm is way more fun and can do more total damage because 7 @ 104% is more damage on the field, better for AOE.
@diablowjob: Sounds good, I completely understand. :) Good luck. Hope you get, though I bet it'll be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive. That's why I like strength, since it's cheaper and you still get good damage mitigation.

But ping me anytime, as I'd enjoy playing with a fellow wizard. I'm a CM/WW wizard (since 1.04), but I've been having "impure" thoughts and been giving the raining meteor a good whirl. :lol It's good, but not quite as tanky as I'd like it to be. :lol Though the spectral blades/meteor variant is pretty beefy.
Edited by TekkZero#1963 on 12/5/2012 1:03 PM PST
do you honestly think your the first person to discover something like this? Ive been using this same build forever except mine is spamable because i use so much regen im getting back over 6 arcane per sec and higher in solo.

lmao. And to be honest if you have enough reduction of cost comet storm is way more fun and can do more total damage because 7 @ 104% is more damage on the field, better for AOE

Wow man. Chill out.
having run speed, time bubble and teleport together allow me to avoid damage i'd otherwise be mitigating. i was CMWW, but i personally find this more effective since i can kill much faster, and still not get hit. sometimes when health gets low, i find myself quite often in a position to teleport onto a health globe.

also, mattyice is a whiny little !@#$%, and his idea for shower is horrible. AOE is useless against killing elites fast, and those are the only real challenges in the game. trash mobs are nothing, i can group any trash mob under a single meteor simply by laying a bubble and stepping back as they walk straight through it. i played with shower just for fun, and it's kinda neat, but single crit spikes at 1M plus damage, directed at a particular target (elites) are far more effective.
I'm gonna have to agree with diablowjob here. My personal experience definitely indicates that Meteor Shower largely shines when I'm dealing with trash, but just bad in comparison for elites. And elites are where it's at IMO, as all of the runes are pretty decent with trash. Now Shower might be okay for big elites or bosses, where you can make multiple hits on a single target. But still I'd much rather have Molten Impact (for more damage), Star Pact (for spammability), or Liquefy (for procs). I like Molten Impact and Liquefy the most if it's supported by Wicked Wind, and Star Pact if I'm just doing Meteor on its own. And note: This is coming from a wizard that refuses to use Meteor with slow attack speed (<2.5aps).

The thing I dislike most about this Raining Meteor build is the lack of procing on 1-2 targets. Watching my cooldowns reset so slowly makes me want to cry. I know I've been spoiled with Wicked Wind, but it's really night and day difference. In my experience, there's no way you can really reliably stutterfreze with Frost Nova using Meteor against 1-2 targets. I bet you might be able to lock down two targets with high enough crit chance, but the lack of procs probably prevents single targeting. And that's a big minus for me...

EDIT: If anyone's interested, I posted my thoughts about single targeting with meteor in this thread the other day: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7199404925 . But keep in mind this comes from someone that uses Meteor at high attack speeds. I'm not really interested in slow spamming of Meteor.
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@TekkZero - do you stil have the skull grasp? i'm interested in it
What do you guys think about using the comet rune? It does slightly less damage than molten impact, but then you can use the 20% cold passive and it brings along 60% mvmt reduction on mobs, hence allowing you to spam less time warp
there was a crit/int -4 meteor skull grasp that had a 65 mil bid on it that ended at 5am tonight who got it?
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@Emperor: Sorry about that, but I think I'm probably just gonna end up on keeping it. :( But thanks for asking though. Last night, I thought I was done with the build. However after diablowjob declined buying the Skull Grasp, I decided to give Meteor one more final go. So I bought a decent Mara's with -5 Meteor Reduction, which put me up to -21 Meteor Reduction (7 from Prism and the 14 from gear). And voila the Meteor build finally worked! I'm unsure if it's actually the extra Meteor reduction or more me getting use to the build.

Regardless, I've been really wanting to make this Meteor work. But it's been very difficult to meet the specs I'm looking for. I have high expectations for Meteor reducing CDs, which requires stable Meteor spamming at high attack speeds (2.5+aps) on 1-2 targets. Specifically, I don't want to lose the stutter freeze from the classic CM/WW wizard. And so far all of the pure Meteor builds just simply can't replicate the CM/WW wiz frost nova lockdown for 1-2 targets. That is unless you still add in Wicked Wind too.

But I think -21 Meteor Reduction is just what I needed to make Liquefy work well enough for 2 targets. I was able to lock down the ubers with Meteor via an okay stutterfreeze, which was pretty cool. It's nowhere near as good as Wicked Wind, but it's fun to finally skip Energy Twister completely! So I guess I might be joining the Meteor club after all. :lol I know my group is just escatic right now, as they ALL think there's a strong possibility that Energy Twister will get nerfed badly in the next patch. Nonethless, they still rely on my stutterfreeze to smoothly do high MP uber runs and so Meteor is fortunately looking like a viable alternative to Energy Twister. :)
just a quick follow-up on the build. i ran MP8 and ubers on MP8 with TekkZero last night. he was spamming comets while playing a CMWW. i was super impressed with his play style. CMWW is definitely more survivable, and i couldn't have beat the ubers at that power level without his permafreeze. i might have been doing a bit more damage, i'm not sure, but CMWW is totally clutch at higher MP levels. i didn't have to dodge nearly as much. i just stood still and blasted. if anything, a pair of wizards, one running CMWW and the other RM, is impressive to say the least.
12/06/2012 05:36 AMPosted by NOLLegendz
there was a crit/int -4 meteor skull grasp that had a 65 mil bid on it that ended at 5am tonight who got it?

not me :(
@diablowjob: Oh yeah I had a blast running with you. We should do it again! Go go wizard power! :)

In my mind, there's no question that the “best” Meteor build is one that slots Meteor in for the one floater skill in the "classic" SnS CM/WW wizard. You get lots of damage from spamming Meteor with virtual impunity, as you’re benefiting from lots of procs and the powerful permafreeze.

That said, I'm very motivated to see if someone can get Meteor to run well on its own. And you guys seem to have done that. But I’d love to see if we could push the Raining Meteor build into overdrive! I keep thinking how cool it would be to combine this Raining Meteor build with SnS, but without needing to resort to WW. It'd be real nice if there was an alternative build that could throttle Meteor spamming into overdrive. I know there's a Spectral Blade/Meteor variant of the CM/WW wizard build (replacing WW with Spectral Blades), but it doesn't seem nearly as consistent.

That said I love what Emperor and others have done with Meteor on its own. It's definitely a challenging build, especially when you don’t include Frost Nova. I very much enjoyed watching diablowjob in action yesterday. Major props to you man! :D
just curious roughly how much experience per min do u get in mp8?
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