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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

Hi there,

as a new wizard attempting to transition to this build and build up gear, what passives would be recommended? would this be a start?

I can slowly work on crit and apoc so I can go for CM. advice welcomed
I'd definitely recommend getting APoC and consider picking up Meteor reduction gear (1-h source, Mara's, Skull Grasp, and/or Stone of Jordan). You're not gonna be able to keep a constant Meteor spam, even with a slow 2-h and good skill choices, without these gear. If you're dealing a lot of damage and willing to play at the lower MP levels, Power Hungry is a pretty good choice. A build with a lot less damage potential, is to combine a signature spell (such as Living Lightning) + the Prodigy passive to fuel your Meteors. However, that might be an useful crutch while you improve your gear.
So question...my APoC is like..20..is using Molten Impact vs. Meteor shower/Star Pact more beneficial at higher APoC?
Someone tried to solo uberbosse with this built?
I wonder which monsterpower is possible with the right setup
Any suggestions regarding my gear to transition to this build? I am new to playing a Wizard. Spent most of my time playing a Barb, but grew tired of it.
So how affective is this build really?
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I can solo up to mp7-8. I stay on mp5 for efficiency, all white trash mobs are 1 hitted, only a few elite affixes that trouble me.

This is arguably the BEST cmww compliment of a build.

I'm looking for a cmww sidekick ;o
Thnx may have to buy some different gear and give it a try.
hey guys, how's it hanging?

@aceD & TekkZero - hey, really wanna thank you both for the awesome advices you gave to those who came looking for help in this thread. Thanks guys ! props to you both!

@people that have queries regarding meteors or what - sorry if i haven't been replying guys! i've been really busy :( . but thankfully, TekkZero and aceD is always there to answer most of the questions!
emperor, i just completed my RM build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/diablowjob-1717/hero/1570417 and boy is it nuts!

i've been doing that new A3 run which is 20% more efficient than alk, and i've been running it with tekkzero at MP2. we run with meteor shower and blaze through so fast that paragon leveling is through the roof, and we're yielding a good amount of legendary finds. RD still hurts me, but on low MP levels, and with meteor shower, so many globes appear that i can survive RD if i'm slick. tekkzero has less of a problem since he has much more mitigation and LS/LOH than i do.

with two wizards using meteor shower it's absolutely nuts. we thought it would be even more nuts to add a 3rd meteor shower wiz to this run (and maybe crank it up to MP3). the only reason we run low MP levels is to blaze through it super fast so that we can level up and find lots of great loot. we tested MP7 and 8 and it's not a problem for us either. so what say you?

PS, i noted that you pulled off two taly pieces in favor of higher damage items. what's up with that man?!
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@diablowjob - hey, it sounds like a blast, really wish i could join in man, but i'm really busy for the time being. throw in a cm/ww wiz in your group and you'll be running mp 10 as if it was mp 5!

hmmm, regarding my change from tal's source & belt to oculus and witching hour. personally to me, i feel that once your CC reaches a sustainable amount, you can rely less on ap regen and more on apoc, and besides, even if you are casting lesser meteors, the meteors are doing a buttload more of damage [witching hour 50% cd !!! oculus has up to 6% bonus to elite, stack that with soj and skull grasp, that's really alot of bonus to elite, and i got this feeling that because CD, bonus to elite, conflag and slowtime's 20% bonus dmg are somewhat interlinked, the effect is sort of compounded to give you a really big boost in effective dps, but i'm not so sure though, gotta ask the expert around]
so basically your doing more damage! but of course -ap meteor cost is still the #1 preferred affix for this build.

( i also changed my skull grasp, couldn't afford a int meteor skull grasp with cc, so i bought a dex one instead. mainly because of apoc, secondary because of critical mass )

*if only i was rich enough to afford a mara with -5 meteor reduction that could outdps my tal ammy :( *
@diablowjob: We've been having a lot of fun man! We should do it again sometime soon, especially since you got your CC skull grasp.

@Emperor: Your entirely welcome! :D I'm happy to help anyone get into the whole meteor thing.

I agree with you about APoC being much better the faster you are casting meteors. In fact, it's probably the best way period to fuel meteors period, outside Meteor reduction. Natural AP regeneration just gets spread too thin the faster you're casting, while APoC is attack speed independent. Personally, I'm a big fan of both meteor reduction and APoC. I was showing Aimless the other day an infinite, non-stop spam Meteor-based CM/WW SNS wizard on all, but single targets. The only problem I've found with Meteor is that APoC and Meteor Reduction aren't still enough on single targets. I've really tried with a lot of stats (used up to 63cc, 14 AP regen, 29APoC, and 19 Meteor Reduction for 2.5+aps), but run out of AP too fast and start losing casting actions from not having enough AP. I can spam Star Pact non-stop, but it's not nearly as good as Molten Impact or Liquefy (the latter being needed for permafreeze).

The only thing that seems to help with single targets is tacking on Prodigy+Primary, using either Living Lightning or Deep Cuts. And that's been super-amazing at low-levels with Meteor Shower, since you kill things so fast that APoC isn't nearly as good (ie you're not able to get as many procs from the meteor aftershock to fuel the next meteor).

And welcome to the CC Skull-Grasp club! :lol Of all the Meteor-reduction jewelry I own, it's by far my favorite piece, since I don't compromise my CC+attack speed. Unfortunately, getting a really good Mara's with Meteor Reduction is just obscene (well any mara's with CC and either CD or IAS is just freaking expensive).
I ran this build for a while and it was great, but I've moved on to other things so I'm selling off my RM gear. Everything is gone except my SoJ and I know how hard they are to search for, so I thought I'd post here to help someone out.
  • 6% to Holy Damage
  • +14 Max AP
  • +27% Damage to Elites
  • -5 AP cost to Meteor

Here's a screenshot of it. http://i.imgur.com/NcNH4.jpg

I paid 30 million, but I'll sell for 20 million. If anyone wants it, add me or PM in game.
@diablowjob -- bump for a hilarious name and excellent build :-)
emperor - thx for the advice. i was thinking about that mara's with a witching hour. i can't find them the way i want them, period. i really want a mara's with -5, and any amount of CC and CD, though i'd settle for just decent CD and high int. i think a mara's with -5 is better than the AP regen from the tal set.

tekkzero - i ran higher MP's the other day with the new gear set. it seems to work pretty well. even though i can't spam infinite, i can spam enough to make any MP level playable. still having more fun at MP1 or MP2 though. the paragon just shoots up, and i've found so many awesome items.

sirbuckeye - awesome price on that SOJ imo. someone should scoop it up.

dethaxe - it's like wheel of fortune, before and after lol.

i just blew most my money on gear. i got a decent mara's with -4AP and 7% CC, and a witching hour with 8% AS and 48% CD. i lost about 1000 paper DPS, and 8000 HP, but it allows me to put out an additional 2 meteors (not when fighting, more in battle i'm sure), and i gained 39 all res. i'm not sure how i feel about this yet, but we will see.

linky: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/diablowjob-1717/hero/1570417
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@diablowjob: That'll be interesting to see how you like it. I think Mara's just might be the ticket for you, since you gained +6cc and -4 Meteor Reduction at the cost of 2 AP/sec. Though I confess I haven't been all too thrilled with my Mara's (+10 cc and -3 Meteor Reduction), since it's a huge loss of DPS and not a great increase in performance for Meteor; however, I'm only netting +3 Meteor Reduction and +2cc compared to my normal rare amulet.
it made a pretty big difference. i definitely get hit harder, but for the purposes of the run we have been doing, it doesn't matter. i can spam many many more meteors than before. i tested in town with star pact just for fun. i can drop 45 star pact meteors completely uninterrupted. that was pretty awesome. blasting through low MP levels was much quicker too.
I've got to say I love the playstyle and have managed to put together some decent gear, while not at the top end, to support it. Currently looking to upgrade my weapon, hopefully something with LS to help mitigate against RD. I've also switched to Safe Passage to help.

I've been thinking about migrating towards Molten Impact but also considering a Cold Blooded Comet variant that swops slow time for arcanot. However that means switching some gear towards fire or cold damage and getting some more Meteor AP shaving items.

I like starpack a lot though for how much I can just spam it
I switched to MeteorShower for a few MP 2-3 runs and it feels much smoother. I can even drop the Skull Grasp for my Hellfirering with 4.5% cc and still spam enough Meteors. Good way to farm xp - things die way too fast for me to run out of AP.

@diablowjob - how do you manage without LS?
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