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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

@Caris: Yeah, I agree about Meteor Shower. From farming with Diablowjob and my own experience, Meteor Shower is excellent for low-level farming. I like Molten Impact if I'm at higher MP levels when I'm not one-shotting things (and need to focus my fire on elites) or Liquefy if I'm using a Meteor SNS hybrid.

And from what I've seen Diablowjob actually does VERY well and hardly dies when farming, unless its RD (which I think is the only thing that gives him trouble). As Diablowjob said above in earlier post, he's largely just using health globes and that seems to work pretty well for him. I don't like dying to RD, so I'm packing a lot more damage mitigation + LOH (and LifeSteal if I'm using the Butcher's Sickle).
tekk nailed the answers to the questions directed towards me. good news though guys, as you've all probably already seen, reflect damage has been modified for 1.07. now that elites will flash RD on and off, just kill them fast when it's off, and you will be killing them fast with this build. you can take 2-3 shots back at yourself, so no worries if you over spam on RD a bit.
Hey guys,
I was wondering about that new patch coming out and the blizzard damage boost + the fact that blizzard will get the APoC bonus, would it be a good idea to add blizzard and cold blooded to this build somehow?

Kind regards from Europe :)
I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has put even the smallest shred of information in this thread. I was currently in the search for a style of play that made the game enjoyable, without being obscenely OP/boring. I am glad to say that I have found that play style, thank you!

As soon as I read a few pages and watched a video on this build I went through and gutted every one of my other characters to get the funds/gear together to make what you see on my wizard. I seem to be sitting pretty well atm, but was just wondering what direction I should look to go when I'm able to upgrade gear, well aside from a higher dps weapon with CD & a socket.

But anyway, so far the build is incredibly fun to play and I absolutely love how flashy it is 11/10.

Thank you
@cleavedge go for the mara's kaleidoscope with meteor reduction to really reduce the AP cost of meteors.
Hey Tek, I'd love to join you and diablowjob for some levelling runs...imagining 3-4 RM wizzys runnning on meteor shower sounds awesome...getting boring doing it myself!
Hey RM folks, I've been running MP7-8 ubers recently and found to encounter AP issues pretty quickly into the fight. Using molten impact, I typically spam 3 to 4 meteors at a boss, then need to wait for AP to recharge...and it seems like an eternity between charges to fire off additioanl meteors. I would like to think my gear is not the problem, but wondering if it is a matter of pacing? Or would starpact be better when fighting uber bosses? What are your experiences?

Farming is so much diff than uber fighting using this spec!
Personally, I'd use LL+Prodigy. It's great for managing single monsters. ;) And yeah, I think that'd be a lot of fun for a bunch of us meteor wizzies to run together.
Hey guys, for higher MPs on PTR I'm subbing in Blizzard for teleport and then using the 15% damage bonus from chilled enemies to drop the extra hammer on them when I switch to meteors....For a new wizard like me I'm cleaning house with my 2h LS skorn.

Meteors and blizzards benefit more from higher weapon damage so most of my WD gear just transfers right over. I've seen 2 mil crits with my gear, it's pretty ridic! Though the only source of AP on crit is a cheap storm crow I bought, on PTR I was clearing MP5 like it was MP2.
Thanks for posting everyone. I rolled Wizard for Meteors and I'll always be using it. I'm no fan of CM/WW build and will never even test it. Up to this point I was fooling around with Comet/FN/Cold Blood, with teleport and Hydra as support. Energy armor and prism for protection. It worked very well, but reading up on some of the replies I switched out Comet with Molten, Cold Blood with prodigy and, Magic Missile with Living Lightning. I can cast more meteors than before, spamming living lightning and molten is way more fun, and looks way more flashy :)
hey guys ! its been awhile ! how's it going everyone, wow meteor builds are still pretty hot around here huh :P ! keep rockin those meteors guys !
WOW This build has been fantastic!! With only having to switch out my source I was able to do MP4 key runs without dying anymore!! I will be leaving Archon and moving all my gear to fit this build!!
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Big Buffs coming for my build in 1.07 :D Emporer, nice SG! How much did you snag that one for?
Last time I checked this week, you could pickup a CC skull grasp for about 50-90million. :)
i got it 2 months ago for about 7m :P
Yeah, they've definitely gone up in price. I recall getting mine for 16mil back in late November.
Not sure if this has been posted already, but I tried out a variation of this build on the PTR and it works amazingly well. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PQlXST!Wge!aYbZcZ

Fracture and Blood Magic are obviously up to user preference as mentioned in Emperor's original guide. Now that the APoC bug has been fixed Blizzard: Snowbound is far superior for kiting than any version of Slow Time, and allows for moderately better single target damage as well. You only really lose a group damage buff and the projectile slowing effect.

Call it the RM&B build :P
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Hey guys, i just totally remade my Meteor build. 3 piece Zuni set is working wonders. Definitely perfering the Dagger + LL over 30 APOC w/ wand.
hi guys, im sellin off my entire wiz set, for those who are interested please look here

02/08/2013 03:54 AMPosted by Emperor
hi guys, im sellin off my entire wiz set, for those who are interested please look here

Are you no longer selling?
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