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The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

This build looks like a lot of fun!

I'm just wondering... Is it viable with less than optimal gear? I see that a lot of the people vouching for the build that have very good gear, better than most item I can afford. Has anybody tried with really average gear? I'm not looking to solo MP10 or even 8-9, but something like MP4 would be fun.

(At work right now, so I can't test it out right now. I'll give it a try myself tonight.)
i gave this build a try this morning. its pretty awesome. APOC is pretty necessary still need to work on that but otherwise very viable. even without Prismatic armor the survivability is in most cases even better than a Melee build.
@Dargad - as long as you have a decent amount of apoc "20 or so", and a decent amount of cc "about 40", you could probably pull this build off, but of course, the better your gears are, the mroe effective this will be.
I might try it. I am geared for it after all. But, there is something about meteor I just dont like. I want stuff NOW! I dont even want to wait a second!
This build is good for solo/kitting.

But for team play - infernal machine MP7~MP10, I would suggest this:


Of course, as nitrocan said: you could swap storm armor for pinpoint barrier. And if you have around 30APoC, just throw away Prodigy.

Anyway, good job.
And also, I believe attk speed is good for any meteor build, you can't ignore it.
attack speed is good for any build dude...
10/21/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Korlic
attack speed is good for any build dude...

Not necessarily, if you're using a beam oriented build like ray of frost or disintegrate, slower attack speeds are better.

oh yea.. anyway would u mind helping me pc this little ring i got here, your a cm/ww wiz arent you, you should know the price >> http://i.imgur.com/fqofj.png

got no freaking idea how to price it
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10/21/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Korlic
attack speed is good for any build dude...

The reason attk speed is good for meteor build in infernal machine is because:
1 - You should burn out your AP for meteor before boss's spell comes to you, eg: swarm/arcane light from Magda or fireball/tornado from Zultun Kulle.
2 - When fighting Siegebreaker, normally you will need to use signature spell to regain your HP due to the stupid reflect damage if your meteor hits 700k++. So the more attk speed you have, the faster regain HP/AP.
3 - For Siegebreaker + Zultun Kulle, this is a DPS fight. You need to down both of them ASAP or else Zulton Kulle will enrage. So the attk speed will help you to do the BURST DPS alot!
I just don't get how faster weapon would be of any use for 2h build even though deahtlydance just wrote that.

If you would use a slow 2H weapon, meteor would hit for more and since it's landing time is fixed it doesn't drop to ground any earlier than what it says in the describe box of the skill.

Or is the recovery time smaller between the meteor castings with faster attack speed or what? So you can spam 3-4 meteors in 0.5 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds?
@Arakoni - yes, faster attack speed = more cast of meteors within an equivalent time frame which also means faster usage of ap...
Thanks for sharing this build.
Could barely do mp5 very slowly and carefully atm.
Perhaps i need more hp.

Just to share, I also like Liquefy/frost nova, which is a little bit similar to ww/cm/fn like last time.
At least the idea of decreasing ap usage improve this build a lot too. Thanks.
Thanks for sharing this build. i whos test on public lots of fun :) not try on mp seting alone is ti hard for me [alweys got some speedy elite lol my luck ]
i had the same idea, but i thought of it as a team build.

u need a boom-wiz and a monk.

the monk skills cyclone strike with a higher reach. the boom wiz starts spamming and the monk pulls the enemies towards him. with enough apoc and enemies on one spot, which is the purpose of this team build, u can deal an awesome amount of dmg casting up to 2.X meteors a second without running out of arcane power.
10/22/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Emperor
@Arakoni - yes, faster attack speed = more cast of meteors within an equivalent time frame which also means faster usage of ap...

Yap, spam more meteor before blink away from danger = efficiency :-) Especially if you have attk speed 2.1+, you will see the effect more obviously.
I wonder how this build is against uber.
I did MP5 ok so far but not sure about uber
Sigh. Yet another build that looks like a ton of fun, but isn't doable with a 2h thanks to the scarcity of APoC.
Im using meteor as my damage dealer in my cm/ww build but instead of the slow time with 20% damage buff I use the slow time with 80& movement speed reduction. What I do is cast slow time, frost nova, wicked wind for the apoc source then its raining meteors. wicked wind gives a lot of apoc.
I "LOVE" the idea of meteor. someone showed me this build yesterday and claimed it's MP8 capability so I tested it out and found is so brutally slow, that I just couldn't justify it.

Some things I noted. My dps is IAS based, and this build feels like it's more geared toward CD based dps. Bigger hits from meteor with bigger crit #'s..
With 115k dps I took me forever to kill elites on MP7... so I gave up on it.

I'm more about, Hey, I have 4 hours to play, lets tear up MP3 at 35-40 minute clears instead.

Great idea though, I did like playing it, but when I can fill an inventory with Capped MF on MP3, I'd rather do that.
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