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Suggestion for blizz?

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Re-do the battle.net system for d2. Real ID friends and game invites through that network. So many players would come back. = money for blizz for the ppl that don't already own it. Just throwing that out there. I logged the other day and its almost as dead as D1 was 4 years ago lol....

(troll if you want, let me show you how many ***** I give today =D)

That would be.....around 0-0.1 ish. maybe 0.200555, depends on how good you are.
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this game cannot be saved.. regardless how many patches Blizzard pours in. Even an Expansion won't do (if you analyze its build and model carefully).

consider the 2 biggest flaws it has:

1. soundtrack - one of the worst soundtracks of all time for a major game like this. Can they change it? No way, would piss the music publishers too much and would costs alot of $$. The music will stay the way it is and probably get worse in the next expansion.

2. AH - main thing that had made the game broken. Good items sell for way too much while those others would just be too much of a hassle to try to guess if it sells or not. We're suppose to get drops not rely on AH! RMAH is a joke too... spending hundreds on an item? Gotta be kidding me.

Best to thrash this game away and play something else. I've just started my journey to some other new titles and there's no turning back... enjoying so much of XCOM - Enemy Unknown now... during 1.04 i've went back to old titles like Civ4 Gods and Kings - had a way better time than griding mindlessly in D3 where its loot drop sucks - even now it's still the same - what are we farming for? For what? What's the whole point? PVP? It doesn't interest me.. the game is broken and doesn't reward you enough for playing it. Just consider the game done having some fun earlier for USD60 and now it has reached its expiry date. This is not D2 whr ppl kept playing it even if it's 10 years.. be true to yourself.
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They're never bringing the old battle net back you might as well just accept that as sad as it may be.

If you want that kind of multiplayer just go play D2 or the first starcraft.

They are still much better games than their sequels.
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Sad shame is what it is.
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