Diablo® III

Infernal Machine MP5+

Hi guys,

Any Perth players doing the infernal machine tonight? Looking for some people to speed up the process for the ring. I'm usually on 7ish.

At the moment I can steamroll mp4, and mp5 the elite just take abit longer cause I run out of mana but its still easy. So not sure how high MP lvl I can do at this moment for the infernal machine.

Add me if you want to run tonight.
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If i can ever beat the mother of all bosses on diablo 3 (error 3006) id be keen to run a few mp runs
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I'm still at work :)
Hopefully it will be fix tonight.
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Been unable to log in for the past 2 hours and server restarts are due in 3 and a half hours time which is expected to put the servers down for at least another hour.
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Bump! Looking for more people running infernal machine.
Usually on at night Perth time.
Late night east coast players welcome :)
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im in perth, i can beat MP5 but iyam also at work.

i wonder if we work at the same place?
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I'll add you tonight, need some Barb power :)
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Add me to I play most nights in perth and really want to do so key and plans runs to get me a ring. I'm a DH.
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Im from perth, please add me, not sure if I will be on tonight though as I need to study :(
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Just to clarify, I'm looking for infernal machine runs, so hopefully you have your infernal machine ready to open the portal. It takes abit of time organising a group, have to make sure we have tanks and enough dps (no leechers pls). Also its a 50/50% chance to get the organs from MP5. Hence we will not be farming for keys or plans.

I will usually be running for keys, then feel free to join.

I'll add you guys tonight.
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bring a wiz with freeze/slow time
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I can freeze for you... ^^
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I have one machine left... (just used 3 last night...and didnt get the organ from ghom/rak sigh)

I was having a lot of trouble getting keys to drop last night....I had a good streak of key drops on Friday and Saturday but seems the RNG gods are against me now -_-
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I'm scared of Wiz, they also freeze my computer :)

I'm missing the sk/mag organ :(
Edited by kagenx#1526 on 10/22/2012 12:51 AM PDT
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Oh man, what a night. Glad some1 got his ring tonight :)
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I had lots of fun... tyvm ^^
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If you ever need another DPS I'll gladly join. I have about 131k dps. Have mostly been soloing MP5+ for keys. Have 2 machines + a bit at the moment. Pretty hard to get groups going ingame...
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lemme join,
Cm wizard as well

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I'll add you guys tonight. Always good to have more people available for runs.
Make sure you have your infernal machine.
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remember - 3 keys =/= 3 portals

that was pretty lol
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