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+% Spirit Barrage Items

Where can I get +% SB damage? The only one I can think of is Uhk-something Serpent legendary mojo. :p Thanks.
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mojo.. probably soj ring

really hard to search for that stuff on ah though. blizz needs to refine it a bit more and allow these options
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Easiest one to get is Mojo. Look at my profile. :P Serpent and Manajuma mojo are guaranteed to have at least one of the five skills so the chance of you getting high +SB and good stats is much better than other mojo.

Another good place is SOJ. To search for a WD Stone of Jordan, do this:

Choose Vs Elite Damage
Choose Max Mana

It will filter out A LOT of stuff but you still need to go through all WD items.

Other than Mojo and SOJ, I can't justify other spots yet. Mara ammy could be a decent choice if it also has high rolls on everything else. I just think Tal ammy is too good to pass on. And I don't like Skull Grasp that much.
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Thanks for the replies. I'm really enjoying SB WOS right now.

Yeah, I think Tal's too good to pass on too. Not really sure if +% SB damage on Mara's is worth it.

Hope I can get good drops soon. Gold-wise, not really capable of buying these items. I only have 3m on me hahaha.
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I got +12% SB on my chicken mojo. It's great. My single target damage is pretty pod with well f souls.
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Skull Grasp hasn't been mentioned. It rolls a random skill boost.
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jordan stone too
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Should be angel"behind"thetimes You bumped a 4 month old thread to say something covered in the second post .....

But while I'm here
12 on mara's kaleidoscope
12 on SOJ
11 on skull grasp
14 on Mojo
Is the max I believe you can get in all slots.
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