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Anyone here using Bul-Kathos weapon set?

Bul-kathos solemn vow

Bul-kathos warrior blood

I've seen some really strong barb players use this set but for the majority of barb players, this set seems quite neglected. Is it cause it's not as good? The stats seem pretty cool and the set bonuses seemed decent too.
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I can't comment myself, but I remember seeing a thread awhile back where the OP thought pretty highly of it. As I recall the ww set effect can happen in town as well though, and I imagine that would get annoying.

Bump for first hand answers.
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I use them, and love it! Pretty inexpensive too.
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I saw youtube video with someone using em and it doesn't seem worth it to me. All you do is spin while you walk every 1-2minutes. Now I don't know the speed/damage or whatnot that comes from that WW, but to me it seemed kinda "ehh" to spend 50m+ on a good set of both for that.
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Best mainhand is an Axe, that is the problem.
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Because they're Mighty Weapons, we don't get the Paper DPS Axe / Mace gets for Weapon Master, so it's not a weapon of choice.

Instead, we get Fury generation, which gives me > 95% uptime on WotB.

I like it for style and Diablo 2 nostalgia. :)
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I've bought a pair today for 3m and it's pretty good! Fast attack speed and decent dps. The bonus WW isn't like normal WW, you just have swords/axes spinning around your body like an aura and it doesn't disrupt any movements. Yet it deals decent dps to mobs around you!

Only problem is that the good ones that comes with socket or lifesteal are pretty expensive. Even said, it's probably still way cheaper than the other mainstream barb legendaries like echo and skorn.
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If you ask me, the problem is the lack of critdamage/socket on the LOH version. Only comes with 1 prop. This, combined with the fact its not a mace/axe adds up to quite a bit damage loss. But it could be worse, DH set weapon is utter !@#$ (even with permachill for extra damage). Pretty much the same reason there, only 1 prop available and lacking alot for the non-randomized ones. Natalya weapon is probably the weakest ilvl63 unique in the game.

On the other hand. >IF< blizz brings back socketquest in a future patch (the thing i miss the most from D2) These weapons would all of a sudden be extremely viable (assuming mainhand rolls with 100% crit damage and offhand with lifesteal/life on hit or str). Doubt that will ever happen though since that would be cool and retro.
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I have no regrets with my pair.. looking to upgrade them in fact with one with socket but right now they are adding so much value... i dont have 24% speed but i seem to be able to keep fury up and constantly WW largely thanks to the fact that they are both mighty weapons

True an axe adds dps like mad but these babies are a real badass.. get em mate... u wont regret it
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You guys do know that those whirlwinds you get from the set every 1-2 min can also crit which i would assume gives furry off of not only the crits (battle rage) but off of weapon master..... seems to me like this would almost do better on bosses where you arent going to be getting as much fury (Seeing as you usually only have one or three targets to hit) those whirlwinds and your actual whirlwind and the mighty weapon bonus all allow you to spam a lot more sprints which i would think makes for better dps >.>
(oh and all of the above is assuming you are using a whirlwind build which i think most barbs are using atm
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Necro thread...the BK set is OK, but not for high end barbs because its damage is too low and the mighty weapon main hand bonus is less useful than what you get for other weapon types.
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I use my Warrior Blood all the time in conjunction with my EF but,on the rare occasion (when I'm bored), I put on my Solemn Vow for a few moments of distraction. I just put my set on to check out the stats. What I found was appaling. I found that my toon went from 349K DPS to 263K DPS. Also, I lost one of my breakpoints. That's a pretty significant drop but, nevertheless, MP10 is still doable, although at a much slower pace. The point is get it for a little fun, or if your starting off.
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i use 1 of them and have since PL 25 'IMO' you cannot get a better damage weapon combo, when BK - Warrior blood and a EF! ok i have no LS on weps but i just use bloodthirst on ubers.run 3% on everything else
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i use 1 of it check my profile i made this set today :) kinda proud on it

This is a very good set for paragon leveling mp10 inferno

But not to kill elites with
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As its an old thread i said i d refresh it abit, the new version lev 70 of this set is v nice. I use them in adition to my 90% fire increase WW dmg and the 12-15 mil crit i get from the proc gives some really nice dmg.
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I use the set with, groundstomp/wrenching smash, overpower and hota. Works quite well. It's difficult to get it to proc when you want but when it does it's great.
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I have tried out both Bul-Kathos weapons but I find the Thunderfury+Shard of Hate combination to be far better. They don't even compare to Thunderfury and Shard of Hate.

I must admit though, that the Bul-Kathos set does a huge amount of critical damage. In Beserker mode, I have dealt as high as 42 million damage in a single hit when the hurricane comes on. The problem is this - sometimes the hurricane crits at 20 million dmg, sometimes it crits at 35 million dmg, and sometimes it doesn't crit....and you get just ordinary damage. And the hurricane doesn't activate anywhere as often as Thunderfury or Shard or Hate's effect (which are about once every 3 hits). Sometimes, I find myself begging for the whirlwind. At other times, it activates when there are no enemies or when I'm in town.

Bottom line, the whirlwind/hurricane effect is unreliable and doesn't happen frequent enough. If you have Thunderfury or Shard of Hate, even if you only have one of either, use that instead.
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If you using two weapons, does it matter which is in the main hand?
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Necro alert
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