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How do you gear up your merc?

10/22/2012 08:08 PMPosted by Blackstream
Does MF on followers still break the 300% cap? My enchantress is geared for survivability and damage, and she does pretty nicely, even if her dps is actually kind of bad. Her health almost never falls and can take quite a bit more punishment than my DH. That weapon with +45% mf seems pretty sick though.

No, i used to use them for this but they fixed the bug this patch. Now i focus on survivability with them.
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I don't. I use Kormac for the auto potions he gives me. Any gear for me to put on him just seems like a waste of time.
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I set mine up with MF/GF and Vit. On his relic, I also got him the highest block % I could. He's pretty durable, 100k health and giving me a lot of bonus. Plus I gave him a puzzle ring, and he summons a Goblin for me about every 15 mins. I look forward to decking him out with a good MF and VIT Infernal Ring.
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10/22/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Zil
my scoundrel is basically the same as ImOP's but with the addition of the star ammy. there are ones with chance to freeze, but its expensive. also make sure your scoundrel has multi shot, and the burzia has high pierce chance and high chance to freeze.

Really? I just bought one with 4.1 chance to freeze on hit for only 500,000 gold.

it can go up to 10% so 4.1% is on the lower side
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I use to gear Scoundrel with Ice Bow with 3-bolt fire skill to slow mobs and paired with MF gear for the bonus. Now I'm only using Enchantress for the Armor bonus (too bad blizz nerfed her) and mf gear not to mention I looted a Grand Vizer wand for her.

Mainly, MF > VIT > LOH gear priority.
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I gear him with the unAH-ble trash I find along the way.
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Scoundrel - Windforce for knockback (if range class) + knockback amu/high dex/vit mf rings. Hellrack for root (if melee class). Relic with dex/vit/loh/cd if possible.

Templar - Sunkeeper with str/vit + high str/vit amu/rings with mf/ + block rez vit str shield with mf. Relic with block/str/vit/loh if possible.

Enchantress - The Grand Vizier staff with high int (vit if possible) for mf/gf and dmg. int/vit amu/rings + mf. Relic with inv/vit/cd/loh if possible.

Unfortunately I still gearing my merc's :) - I'm using items only from drop.
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Two main choices: either templar MF geared or scoundrel geared for great cc and utility. No, the wf suckes compared to that jewel of buriza do-kyanon with high pierce and chance to freeze. Add on top star of azkaranth with up to 5% chance to freeze and you have a freeze machine with multishot.
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windforce bow. mf gear with + dmg modifiers and loh winnning...
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Check out my scoundrel. He is almost perfect.

High % windforce: procs constantly, works on champions. You'd think all the knockbacks would be inconvenient, but you'd be wrong.

cold % ring: applies a snare on almost every hit.

amulet with 5% blind: some like askaranth, but they're a lot more expensive and blind is a perfectly fine CC (does not break from damage). Nice to get some IAS as well.

2nd ring: Ias, int, dex

Result is a CC machine that slows and knocks back everything. Blinds more frequently than you'd expect. All of this on 3 arrows.
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10/22/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Grimiku
I like to give my scoundrel an ice bow whenever I can, but they all just get whatever upgrades I find along the way. Although, a lot of you bring up such good points with regard to Magic Find that I may change the way I do this.

Forget the ice bow, throw a windforce on him with a legacy +cold damage puzzle ring!

Too bad blizzard dropped the ball on elemental damage types, the only one with a use is cold, and it only spawns on one ring now, SoJ, which actually sucks as a ring, since you more than often lose more than 25% flat damage putting it on for the 25% more damage to elite bonus.

I wish fire damage lit enemies on fire and did burn damage over time and caused them to run away 2% of the time. I wish Poison damage did the heavy DoT. I wish Holy Damage merc'd the undead and demons. I wish Arcane damage was AoE. I wish Cold damage slowed the targets, oh wait... it does for some reason.

What the hell is the point in elemental damage types if they aren't any different than Min/Max Average damage......

Really. It's stupid.

You know how to fix the Stone of Jordan and make it do what it used to in Diablo II? It's really simple actually, first, it needs to be able to roll with Attack Speed, CC, and CHD. Second it needs to drop the "+% to [random skill]" and change to "+10-20% weapon damage."

SoJ was +1 to all skills.

Keyword, ALL skills.

Since in diablo III all skills get their damage from weapon damage, the way to make it improve ALL skills, is to have it improve weapon damage.

It's so stupidly simple it's disgusting.

Right now it actually will drop your damage more than the 25% it gives you against elites, making that a useless stat. Since it can't roll with AS, CC and CHD, it will always hurt your damage to wear one drastically. Anyone who uses one, is using it with the "Placebo" effect, or replaced a really, really, really bad ring with it. The thing is, you can buy a better ring cheaper than the SoJ, so replacing a bad ring with it is just a terrible idea.

The +to resource isn't bad, but doesn't make it good enough to use by any means. It's also a nightmare to search for one, since they can drop about 100 different versions, when you can take all those versions and boil them down to 5 by making it improve base weapon damage by %.


Sometimes I wonder wtf is going on in that design room -- how could blizzard be so bad at math?
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with the cheepest goldfind gear i can grab.. and that staff i found... erm magicfind
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I used my 9k dps scoundrel, it is not a lot of DPS but the slow arrow helps chasing down occultists.
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My Scoundrel is using a cheap Windforce. I find this weapon very usefull with him. Maybe I'll get a better one, so I can use it also when I'm dealing with Uber Bosses.
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I feel as if procs are the way to go when equipping Followers. This is because no matter how much stats you give them they will never be considered effective.

I wrote an article a while back about which equipment is most effective on each follower, you might want to check it out:

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Put a Buriza + a freeze star of Azkaranth on a scoundrel and he becomes a mini CM wiz.

Check the scoundrel on my barb for details.
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One day someone will give his scoundrel a 2os 300dex 1300dps manticore. I just know it and i hope it will be me :)
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My wishlist one day:

A zerg pet that could meld with you... No that could be too gross, infused-biologically i.e on Hero Left Arm & gain extra attack per evolution.


Opps that is not good... Whenever I start to add this ---> :) it'll spell trouble.

I'm cominggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!
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Magic Find and Gold Find. As much as possible.

I've got my Enchantress up to the point where she contributes 19% GF and 25% MF I think. I got a new weapon for her that gives her a ton of GF and MF. I was previously using the Templar because his shield slot gives him an extra slot for GF/MF, but the 2-hander Grand Vizier that my Enchantress now uses gives overall more. plus, she still does 6k damage, gives me an armor bonus, and turns things into chickens.


I say again, magic find and chickens. That is all.
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