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Disconnect Deaths Kill HARDCORE Gameplay

I doubt if they will do anything about this, its part of gambling here.
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Who gave this thread such silly name?

Please rename it again as Disconnects are not hardcore!
They are just a exteme nuisance.
Me running a marathon is hardcore and way more fun than again losing a char to a disconnect.

And the solution to the problem seems also to be so simple just auto pause the game and make it possible to enter the game egain and continue were it got paused.

Blizzard was able to include auto pause even within multiplayer games like warcraft 3 and starcraft 2 were it matters way less than within Diablo HC.
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it would be really easy to disconnect the internet. first off, if youre playing solo, you could just pause the game, and yank the cord. having lost 2 characters to lag, i would do this every time i got below 30% health.

just saying, if you allow people the oppurtunity to cheat the system, they will. i hope you can at least see some validity in this.
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and next time you log in your character is in the same position with a pause menu.. your point?
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@ItsACheatPPL -- Anyone who thinks this would be some "BIG CHEAT" I will let you in on something most people are very Optimistic in their decisions. Fact of the matter is most people will stay Optimistic "Past The Point of No Return."

Here is the True Scenario
1st: You have to make a decision that you are indeed going to die. For most people this alone is Not Easy Because you admit to yourself that you Failed and or are Going to Fail.

2nd: And Remember you're playing Hardcore and you're in the Flight Mode of (Fight or Flight) trying to save your bum and Its Extremely Hard to just let go of Your Controls and take the next Step. This is EVEN HARDER Than the First Step of admitting you failed. - That is to give up your Control.

3rd: Say you made it this far still alive, now a third decision what you're going to do now- Try and Cheat -Or- Not to Try and Cheat? - Yes, I am aware they may have already made this decision ahead of time but you still re-affirm this decision in your head.

4th: Now assuming you did not go with the later, you still need to perform that Action IE: Yank out Power/Ethernet or try and alt tab and Disconnect Wireless.

Side Note: Most people know yanking the Power Cord/Flipping Switch on Power Supply: CAN and WILL Damage Your PC - Especially if you did it Often. Which drastically reduces the use of this method because people are NOT willing to Damage their Gaming Rig for their Hardcore Toons Life.

Now the Odds that The "Cheater" (whom we know is the MAJOR Minority of players)
Will admit to themselves they Messed Up and are going to DIE Now, are now going to drop the controls of their Toon, and Then Perform the Action of Alt-tab'n out or trying to Disable Wireless or Power/Ethernet cord yank. AND somehow *Doing ALL of this Before their Life Globe is Empty are Slim to None.

Side Note: Cheaters are Lazy by Definition -- what makes you think they will go through all this trouble to set up their PC in such away that they can yank out the cord at a Seconds Notice. If in fact a cheater has this kind of determination they will find "A Way" whether or not the rest of us get a real help like the System proposed here.

Again: @ItsACheatPPL -- Recap Cheaters: - Where there is a will there is a way but, that should not mean all Suffer! - (It is Amazing how people in America are satisfied with giving up their Rights or Freedoms to protect against the few. But thats another topic altogether.)

The Equation:
Take the Minority of Players-->(Cheaters) and now Reduce that number by the above Fact that they Will almost ALWAYS FAIL to pull this off as a reliable cheat. = The small number is now even smaller.

And what do you get?:
No threat to Blizzard at ALL to have a System that Protects the Average Legit Hardcore Player from disconnects. Thus making a Better Game for Hardcore Players. Which in turn makes more people willing to continue playing Hardcore. Trust me it is Hard to continue without it and it is unfair to the wireless crowd to have to Re-roll on every wireless hiccup. Yes, I say crowd because there are A LOT of us these days.

good points, yoube convinced me to agree.
Also, if anyone is paranoid, its not the guys that supposedly pull out cables. No, the paranoids are the ones who assume everyone playing D3 is a cheater that cant wait to cheat his death
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Lost another character to a disconnect last night. I've talked to my ISP, hardwired my connections, there's not much else I can do but quit. Dying to disconnects is not fun, and neither is Softcore.
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I understand the point you people are trying to make but seem Unable to put into words.

That is, well if someone should mess up and find themselves in a Deadly situation and if we had "LDP" then we could always pull the plug and never die.

However rare or unrare that may be for each particular player. I will tell you that 99% of players will NOT be trying to cheat(one hand on the ether cord other on the mouse).

But that ALL (100%) of Normal Hardcore Players Stand to Benefit who have not made a single wrong choice during any of their current progression however many levels this may be. If they should suddenly lose their connection because of an ISP outage or any other reason. This player who could be at 60+23p should not have to start over from 0.

- Not a single wrong step in what amounts to 83 levels in that case. People like this should Not have to start over! The number of levels really does not matter that just makes a good example of what Hardcore Players are losing everyday because we currently DO NOT have the Protection.

These players have done nothing wrong but get forced into buying an all online game because they love Blizzards Diablo Games.

Even if it means that Joe Suck Hardcore Player decided to cheat when he thought he might die and exited the game possibly before his Deserved Death. The fact that Joe Suck! gets to keep his HC toon a little while longer matters not to you or I.

The Truth is Joe Suck! could have just played right and still obtained this same effect.

The Difference between You and I getting Well Deserved Protection IS:

Exactly TWO Very Poor Choices from Joe Suck! HC Player:
(1.)Woops ran into a MoB Naked on InfernoMP10 (2.)Haha! pulled cord in time to Save my A**

Any Hardcore Player Worth his or her salt should feel like Joe Sucks two bad choices are not worth them losing out on their "Link Dead Protection!".

The Protection that Every Hardcore Player would get Outweighs the cheat that a few may use to any effect.

-Like I kinda talked about before:-

The One Desirable Effect of the Cheat:
*Don't die this time


The Five Undesirable Effects:
*Having to re-log into the Game
*Loss Quest Progress
*Loss of Time
*Loss of Map
*Loss of Neph Buffs

Plus the Fact that no one could Guarantee that they would Always be able to pull the plug every time before their Life Globe is EMPTY..

-Or- Simply Put It's Unreliable!/ Not Foolproof

This alone means that at the very worst these people that may use it over and over possibly will Learn to Play Correctly with the loss of a few less toons. Or they will start to play more Risky thinking they can not die and will inevitably get themselves killed by continuing to play poorly.

What does it all mean?

That there is Not enough logic in this claim of a cheat for anyone to say this is a big wonderful Cheat. There also is definitely not enough logic to warrant no "Link Dead Protection" for the Honest Hardcore Players.

We should be protected from death during unpredictable and unpreventable connection loss.
When our only option of play is ONLINE thanks to Blizzards Game Design.
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We should be protected from death during unpredictable and unpreventable connection loss.
When our only option of play is ONLINE thanks to Blizzards Game Design.
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10/29/2012 02:25 AMPosted by Justin
Apparently you did not read the part where blizzard said that is part of the challenge and im pretty sure when you created your HC character it stated that "customer service will not revive a fallen Hardcore hero for any reason."

Yah, I don't quite buy that because it's a cheap cop-out on Blizzard's part, in effect claiming that they're not responsible for the quality of service they provide. Sorry, but it isn't the 1990s anymore, and Blizzard should have the talent and expertise to develop solutions that the OP is advocating.
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The issue is when you get disconnected from Battle.net Game Server while in a Harcore Game it Kills You.

What does matter is that every time I or anyone else playing Hardcore gets Disconnected from the Battle.net Servers for any reason whatsoever. They should not have to Start Over.

New Guy - Hey guys I got IT! wouldn't it just be awesome if in Hardcore Mode if the user should get disconnected they just have to start over! yeah Dead! Huh-Huck Yeah that would be Awesome!~

In a couple of your posts, you have worded things like this, as though it were implemented in such a way that a disconnect is a *guaranteed* death.

I've been dc'd and not died. I've been severely lagged spiked and not died.

I'm all for a technical solution that both a) means people wouldn't have to worry (or could worry less) about dying to dc and b) would not be exploitable.

Such a solution is a tough nut to crack, and the closest thing I can think of would be a temporary server-side pause in solo games, without killing the instance, enabling you to rejoin, and letting it run without you if you *don't* rejoin after some short time - this is something that many people have suggested. There may be technical reasons this is infeasible, etc.

However, framing things in terms of something that is not actually true (speaking as though a DC is a guaranteed death rather than a matter of where you are and what you're fighting - or not fighting - at the time of the dc) seems a little bit of a stretch, no?
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honestly, not counting my lag deaths, when death DOES come for me it isn't something I could have alt-f4 out of. It is getting vortexed into a fast-molten-arcane enchanted-vortex pack. where suddenly I go from 100% health to dead. 5 stacks of molten and a laser at my feet gives me no time to react and alt-f4. If I don't have time to pop serenity (you can tell I am talking about a monk here now) then I wouldn't have time to yank the cord. Any hardcore player worth his salt is only going to die due to overwhelming circumstances like this (and much much worse) or to a lag death (or being stupid).

having an auto-exit function really isn't going to give cheaters all that much time. I have NEVER run into a point in hardcore where I would have taken the f4 way out. I either have enough armor/life regen and whatnot to take the damage, or I am running for my life back to a waypoint, or I just run in with a battle cry and hope to make it out alive with a bloody good story.

Whereas with lag protection, both of my WD would still be here today. my monk might not be, I lagged out on a double champ pack that was nearly killing me. I had the option to duck into a cave and tp back to safety but I ran in with a battlecry and lagged out. -shrugs- was mad about it then, but the only real regret was that I lagged out instead of dieing in true battle.

Personally I would prefer it bring me back to a paused screen. Only hold it for a reasonable amount of time (in my case under a minute and I would have been fine) but realistically about 5-15 minutes depending on what their servers can handle, then start the standard 10 second logout timer. If you die to those situations, you die. In this case, no cheater is going to profit from the 10 second bootout time, and the legit player gets to log back in and keep on fighting. Honestly I stopped playing HC for a bit because I lost two WD in inferno within a week due to lagouts. (one during the butcher). Now I stack insane life regen and armor and am afraid to leave act 1 because both d/c happened out of nowhere. so I mostly play sc unless I am feeling lucky. because skill has nothing to do with it. My WD could probably facetank act 3 in a perfect environment, but I can't go there and risk lagging out with those big baddies.
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10/29/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Anomie
speaking as though a DC is a guaranteed death

This is how you perceive the data not what I actually say. What I am doing is addressing the Issue this thread is all about. I am not addressing 1:1 Ratio of Death to Disconnect.

In a Single Player game if you are in a fight and you get disconnected it has always killed me. I have not sat there and just offed about 20 toons to prove a ratio but I can tell you that unless you are selling or not in a fight at all the odds are your Hardcore toon will die. I have even logged back into the game in less than 10 seconds from the time of Disconnect and my HC toon was dead from Unknown.

It is a different thing in multiplayer but I have seen many die form Disconnects when you just can't save them or don't know they are Link Dead tell its too late. Thanks to the Help of other people you may be spared but I would not bet on it and should not have to. Should it happen before anyone joins your multiplayer game while in a fight, again almost 100% Death toll.

Even if its is not 100% death to disconnect ratio I this Does Not Matter. I never said it was a 1:1 Ratio. What you are picking up on is the 100% for sure Problem That Needs to be Addressed and that is what we are doing in this thread. "The Extremely Common Death from Unpredictable and Unpreventable Connection Loss in an All Online Game. Where the Main Focus of it is NOT to Die!."
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In a Single Player game if you are in a fight and you get disconnected it has always killed me. I have not sat there and just offed about 20 toons to prove it but I can tell you that unless you are selling or not in a fight at all the odds are your Hardcore toon will die.

I have dc'd & not died because I was moving between packs. I have lag spiked for 20-30 seconds with no control over my char (can move, not cast) and lag-teleported (because the server and client were out of sync) back to mobs I had just pulled when the lag spike started, and not died. In inferno. Prepatch, when inferno was harder. This was all solo. Yes, I was a bit lucky getting dc'd between packs, etc. I was lucky that the packs I pulled weren't elite. However, why does your experience justify treating things as though DC were guaranteed death, yet mine, which is a couple of direct counterexamples, is something where you think you have to tell me what I already know?

I am not saying if you pull an elite pack and DC, that you will automatically live. I agree that odds are, you will die. However, if you read the forums, it has happened. Some people have built themselves with the express purpose of increasing the odds that they live through solo DC's. Sometimes that has worked.

I am just saying - yes, maybe you died to all your disconnects. Other people have survived. The reality is, yes, DC and lag spikes have caused deaths in the past, and they will cause more in the future. I think if they managed to implement an instance-side pause with a time limit, in solo games, to give people a chance to get back in and get control, rather than just having the character die with no recourse, that would be fine and dandy. I just wanted to point out that the way you were writing things, it is somehow a given that death will occur, as though they had some explicit 'Oh, they dc'd? kill them' logic - and that is not really true. It's a small thing. It doesn't really matter that much, in this context. But it's there.

"A lot of people have died to DC, and the odds are large that being DC'd while fighting an elite pack will result in death" is true. It's all the reason you need to advocate the position you're advocating, and it has the rock solid foundation of actually being true. So why not start there, with no hyperbole? That's all I'm getting at.

In closing, I've probably written more on this than actually ever needed to be written, and I would make a terrible politician. Thanks for your time. ;)
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And I Quote:

10/29/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Susamik
This is how you perceive the data not what I actually say. What I am doing is addressing the Issue this thread is all about. I am not addressing 1:1 Ratio of Death to Disconnect.
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Of course you did not say "It is a 1:1 ratio of DC to disconnect". However - what do the words "every time I or anyone else playing Hardcore gets Disconnected" actually mean? They don't mean some percentage. "every time" means every time. You or anyone else means everyone. Calling it perception and stating you never said 1:1 ratio is just dancing around. What you said is hyperbole. And like I said, in this context it probably doesn't matter - and I would make a terrible politician. ;)
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And I thank you for your insight on how you perceive this data. I will Infact try to make it known from this point forward that I Do Not believe that there are absolutely no Circumstances that you can live through a Disconnect while in a fight.

what do the words "every time...

What I do here in many of these post is talk from "My Experience" and I do not expect that everyone's experience will match mine own. I can however foresee part of your experience will sooner or later be a dead toon from a Disconnect if they don't fix it. All anyone can do is speak from their experience it may come across as the only experience because that it is my only experience. Also as you analyzed this I can tell you picked up on the fact that these words landed in the post due to my experiences. Hyperbole is par for the course when you want to get people to engage. It is all about motivating people to post and force Debate of the Topic so it gets due recognition.
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I guess you would have to enlighten me on how anyone could and I quote:

exploit the hell out of it

People already told you but it didn't fit into your fantasy land so you ignored it. Pulling the cable isn't new, people did that all the time in older games. And it would take less than a second to pull the cable from my computer (its on the floor and I would need to get out of my chair and reach behind the computer to do it). All my hardcore deaths I've known were going to happen atleast 3 or more seconds in advance. A mob is chasing you that will kill you and its got jailer, teleporter... you know you're going to die.

Just another fail thread filled with TECK EXPERTZ that think they know things but really have no damn clue at all. Almost everything the OP has posted has been 100% incorrect and that insight into human behavior was completely laughable. Only a mentally retarded kid would think like that.

If you're using wireless and your connection to the router drops and you die frankly you deserve it for using inferior !@#$ty technology.
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What we are all doing in this Thread is talking about our Experience of this issue and fooling around with possible Solutions that Blizzard may or may not choose to pursue as a fix.

The "Main Goal" is to talk about it Enough that Blizzard Sees that this is an Issue and Fixes it so we have to suffer Fewer "Unpreventable Hardcore Deaths".

and is another Reason why I will now quote:

P.S. and while you're fixing away at this wonderful Game and all "Please!" give the town healer the ability to "Identity All!" as Cain did in D2. Thanks Again.
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Drunken Posting again are we? I and others may tell you that your post is laughably hard to follow and the OP's posts would win in any contest. Also Wireless is not inferior technology, every technology has its perks. Wireless's being that we not need run that bothersome cable or remain at one single location IE: By Ethernet port in corner of room. That most people these days do not waste time and effort on wiring their home for ethernet as it is not needed.


Well the oldest version of wireless supports "54Mbps" transfer rates. Average Internet Connection Speed of People in America as of 2012 "6.7Mbps". This means that no matter how fast you can push data through your Cable you can't push more than it receives from the modem. Now if D3 was a "Lan" Game then your wire may be Superior, but it infact is an all Internet Game. This means any form of wireless can support the bandwidth needed to play this game. True that wireless may be more unstable, but it is also more practical in the real world. If one wants internet in every room in house and in the least amount of time and effort to do so. Then wireless is a Far Superior option than taking time and effort to: pay for and run wire, cut holes in walls, install ports, repair and replace parts with age ethernet. Say you did run the wire but then few weeks later she wants you move the desk to the other side of the room.. well we won't even go into all that. Whether you like it or not wireless it is becoming the Norm rather than the exception in home networks and people like you and businesses like Blizzard have to deal with that Reality.
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*Changed the Name of the Thread

To: Diablo III> Forums> Gameplay> Hardcore> Disconnect Deaths Kill HARDCORE Gameplay

From: Diablo III> Forums> Gameplay> Hardcore> Disconnects are* HARDCORE
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