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Have I just actually had a bit of good luck?

Hey there fellow Aussies and neighbouring NZrs. I lurk lots, never post. I'm an old casual player, never really had much luck with drops and my gold is pretty low. We live in rural NSW with terrible internet so lag is a pretty bad problem here. I play a wiz, my partner is a DH and we both share this game. I got a set drop last night, my third. The first two were pretty average, one was a fist weapon that sold for 12 million ( which I promptly spent). Last night I found an IK's Irons with
+192 Str
+92 Vit
+54 All Resist
+274 Life Regen
+9.5 Crit Chance

I think this is decent, although I'm not entirely sure as I don't play a barb and the piece is no good for my wiz. I know it's pretty bad manners to ask, but elsewhere on these forums scares me! I know this area is a nice place with friendly people. How much do you guys think it's worth on the gold auction house?

P.S- I also solemnly promise to participate in discussions from now on. I was thinking about starting to play public games or look for farming friends, so I might head into the looking for players threads too.
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Whoa that's not bad, nice Str firstly and Vit isn't too bad either. Any all resist over 50 is good in my books, 9.5crit chance is close to the top for a glove which is 10% ceiling. Life Regen is always useful.

In other words, ALL useful stats on a set item that barbs would look for.

For pricing however, I would suggest you filter all the stats you have and do a comparision. Unfortunately I'm no good at barb stuff either so can't help u price it.
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From a barb... Nice drop. Above avg ground for stat roll. If it had crit dmg or IAS it would be awesome. Str, vit and AR are nice numbers, I'd happily upgrade.

Edit: PIEMAN set up a thread for play styles and farm groups, so you can pick a few players that suit your farm run type. Much better than public games.
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Good drop with a good CC, if it had IAS it would be great
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siiiick 'grats dude
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