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Covetous Shen conversation Victory


Not a game breaking bug so they will not hot-fix it. You will have to wait for 1.06. Stop posting.
I personaly think that achevement are a still thing to do when your bored ... but much like the tasks we want a end point ... so when you only have 1 little part holding up beating getting something you started it urks us so hence we come to the forms for a reslution .... and it is not a hard fix ... either add 1 chat after diablo like it used to be or take the req off this list so we can get it ....

it is 2 am and rambling but still was hoping the long hot fix would have solved
I need this fixed ASAP . . . bugs like these are unacceptable to me . . . I need those achievements checked off. They said they will fix it but it has not happened yet. Why say you will do something and then not do it?
11/02/2012 11:39 AMPosted by Justice
11/2/2012 - Just wondering when this is going to be fixed... any idea?

Hmmmm... maybe next year.
Why u guys tending useless and unimportant issues but not caring about people who lost items due a bug with the Auction House.

If u want your Achievement, you can get it later but items prices change all the time

What are you talking about? Achievements vs. Prices? I don't see the connection.
most likly will be fixed in 1.0.6 but i felll like i can't wait that long
still bugged :S
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Thought I would toss this to the top. I just tried getting all the conversation achievements, and I need this one for that sweet sweet 50 points.
just checked still bugged ... but i guess today the ah is the main consern
@Vasadan @ Blizzard = FFS Gentlemen, it's still bugged. We need those achievements to make our lifes better :) (and to give ya bastards money :P)
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2 days short of 4 weeks since people said "Yes, we're going to fix it." Really? When? How many updates slash patches slash unexpected downtimes slash fixes have you had since the 25th of Octobedr and still this bug has not been fixed. Wow, keep up the good work.
10/25/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Vasadan
Yes, we're going to fix it.

Any update on the fix? Still trying to complete the same achievements. Thanks!
this is verry annoying, ive just finished doing everything conversation wise other than this, and then to find out its a bug thats not been sorted, still!!!
Just came across this problem. Some kind of ETA would be nice, but obviously not top priority :)
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11/20/2012 10:03 PMPosted by Tzu
Just came across this problem. Some kind of ETA would be nice, but obviously not top priority :)

Same here, fml.
up when are you going to fixe this bug plz ?
I have been watching this thread for a month and I am displeased with the lack of progress you have made on this issue. Please fix this glitch in the near future.
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This issue is going to require a client patch. Has the game been patched yet? There's no point in asking if it's fixed if there hasn't been another patch.
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Still bugged.

Completionists, like myself, or people with OCD, also me, are driven nuts when there's a hole in an otherwise complete challenge. Developers put challenges/trophies/achievments in games because they recognize that a lot of players enjoy that aspect of games For most mainstream video games including them has been the norm.

If this part of the game (challenges) does not intrest you, thats fine. But, don't turn and tell the people that DO enjoy that part of games that their interest in achievements and concerns about bugged achievements arent important.

Hope this gets fixed before Diablo IV comes out.
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