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Covetous Shen conversation Victory


Thank gods this is a bug and not just me. I have tried several times in the last couple days to find this stupid convo and nadda. Finally decided to check the forums :) Now I can stop trying to find it and just wait on the fix... Impatiently.
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So WHEN EXACTYLY are you guys going to fix this????????????????????????????????????????
wow, a month pass you blizz still cannot fix a simple quest bug?
Logged in just to post that this is still not fixed. In case anybody was wondering....
Alright! a patch today! with bug fixes!!...
wait, what!?! this still hasn't been taken care of -_-
Still not fixed.
There was a patch today and this isn't fixed? Really... I suppose there's no point in even reporting bugs to Blizzard. They'll find and fix them at their earliest convenience. kthxbye.
1.06 and this crap still isnt fixed... This makes you look really bad blizzard. Fix your damn achievements already. You guys arent worried this makes you look like slackers?
Really annoying that the achievements cant be fixed..
At the moment that is all that is left to do in the game.

I was really looking forward to this game for quite a while, but It didn't last a fraction of the time D2 did.
1.0.6, EU server, french language, still here.
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im still missing this to get the 3 achievements does blizz still not know that it is broken i heard it was goin to be fix in patch 1.05 i just tryed 11/28/2012 and its still not working plz fix this guys thanks
10/25/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Vasadan
Soooooooo.......does this mean you are going to fix it?

Yes, we're going to fix it.

When is that gonna be fixed?
omg blizzard
fix it !
It would be awesome to have this fixed since i also went back noticed this is the only one i needed to get a few achievements myself. I find it nuts how i discovered a bug with "Into the Fray" healing and causing crit 3 months ago and someone posted it to the forums and a week later it gets hot fixed without any kind of notice or warning but something like this has been known for awhile and is acknowledged yet still not fixed.
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Still waiting on a fix...
Bump... fix plawkz...
I know that D3 is not the biggest money-spinner for Blizzard, but I truly wish they would fix problems like this. It should not be a hard problem to fix, and it would eliminate so much irritation for the users.
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