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Ver 1.5 Best All Around Monk Build -Good Read

Hello all, welcome new & old monks who has seen my previous post!! I have a new exciting FUN build for you today to try out. For starters I will list my current stats as usual, & then go into details on how to utilize them.

My previous Ver 1.4 Speed Dps Monk Link:


Tempest Rush - Rubberband Issue: Please Support!!


(based off my 3 nice hellfire rings - rotate them depending on the group i'm in)

HP: 41K - 49K
Resist: mid 400 - mid 500
Armor: 4k
LOH: 600 - 900
Lifesteal: 2.5% (0.5% inferno)
Attack Speed: 1.95 - 2.54
Crit Chance: 38.5 - 44%
Crit Damage: 276 - 306%

*KEY REQUIREMENT is your CRIT CHANCE: at 30% ok, 40% & above is where you want to be at for WOL to work 99% of the time. Having high attack speed will also do you GREAT with ls & LOH...

SOLO: up to MP8
GROUP: Uber 10 full clear - Average time 35 mins



1.) Fist of Thunder / Thunderclap
- Optional Rune: Quickening = BELLS BELLS & BELLS everywhere!!
(*Keep thunderclap for dps / mobility or switch to quickening for continuous bells spamming)

2.) Serenity / Acension
3.) Sweeping Wind / Cyclone
4.) Mantra Conviction / Overawe
5.) Tempest Rush / Tailwind
6.) Way of Light / Binding Light - 90% stun rate, group aoe stun!!

One with Everything - Still very IMPORTANT!!
Resolve - 20% damage reduction vs ST = Resolve wins!!
Exalted Soul - for max 250 spirit pool; this is very very very IMPORTANT in this build!!

Optional: For low MP loot farming, switch out RESOLVE with Chant of Resonance for additional spirit regen to help out with WOL / TR usage.


Pre-1.05 MP nerf: Running @ MP7 ubers
Post-1.05 MP nerf: Running @ MP8 ubers (will challenge MP9 this week & post results)

10/26/2012: MP10 uber run - 2 barbs / cm wiz / stun monk under 40 mins (6 elites; had to rebuff once). SK & MAG @ 9 mins / GHOM @ 5 mins / SIEGE @ 8 mins


Now lets look at the pros vs cons:


- By using WOL to stun, it creates a GREAT opening to rush out with tempest without having to deal with RUBBERBAND issues (it is still there but not as bad)
- Tempest Rush still in place, still have the extra movement speed to farm / chain / escape
- WOL does nice dps with 100% 3 sec STUNS when you crit enemies, AOE stun!!
- Great CC against all mobs / elites / bosses / ubers, solo or group it works well!!
- Much more effective when you use it once every 2-3 secs, so enemies' resist will not build up as fast compare to cm wiz freeze

- Knocks regular mobs / blue elites back, certain class characters might not like that
- High spirit consumption 75 spirit per cast
- Replacing Breath of Heaven = losing 15% total dps
- Having to choose between spamming WOL or CONVICTION for additional 24% group dps damage


Please do experiment with this build, practice with the timing as well as the spirit consumption. Once you are used to it, you should do GREAT with proper management of spirit pool. I did a couple full MP7 - 8 UBER RUNS without any CM WIZ and was able to contain elites / ubers by myself.


Solo farming made easy in terms of able to stun not just a single target but a WIDE range of mobs when surrounded. And in desperate cut-throat situations where you try to tempest but rubberband back, cast WOL first to stun & knock them back really REDUCE the chance of rubberband back to your death by a HUGE %.

Overall by choosing to go with this build, you will lose 15% overall dps by dropping BREATH OF HEAVEN, and also having to choose between spamming WOL or CONVICTION (addtional 24%). IMO this works the best due to the increase in survival-ability, good luck all.

Feel free to leave any feedback and let the community if this works, thanks.


For additional Team Bonus:

Frenzy / Smite = Stun
WD: Zombie Dogs / Final Gift = Blood Bank for the team
DH: Vengeance Passive = Maximum Hatred is increased by 25. In addition, gain 20 Hatred and 2 Discipline whenever you are healed by a health globe. With this, now DH can continuously spam their Cluster Arrow for constant maximum damage!!

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Looks familiar....... glad others thinks the build is viable. :P

10/24/2012 06:34 PMPosted by DEATHLOCK
Having to choose between spamming WOL or CONVICTION for additional 24% group dps damage

with quickening and higher crit chance you can actually try to spam both, for the first few bells. IMO it makes up for the lsight loss in DPS for not using thunderclap/ BoH.
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@ seansky

yes, i have tried that, was having a harder time in terms of losing that mobility without thunderclap. so at the end i choose to stay with this build and have been solo farming up to mp8 as well as doing mp8 ubers.

will continue to test different combinations to see if i can find something that can keep up both. appreciate your input.
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Er... my single paranoid thought is that you shouldn't reveal the one skill which allows monks to almost stunlock uber bosses in any MP....

Then again, its probably just me....
Edited by Cyrus#6254 on 10/26/2012 12:45 AM PDT
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yeh cyrus, i really dont like ppl advertising skill builds that i use on forum....... but i do giv inputs if there is soemone else on the topic. ill also keep quiet bout that 1 item i need to find....... is hard enough without every monks going on AH buying it out for 100 mil.

EDIT: the other option of stun lock seems to be more popular..... sledgefist.
Edited by seansky#1859 on 10/26/2012 1:23 AM PDT
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@ Cyrus

lol, true, but who cares? monk's are currently dying, people are selling their entire sets every single day. not to mention the game is declining too, between me, you, & seansky we have all different builds & playstyles.

this might help and guide people into their own build / playstyle, or might not help at all. either way we still can't amount to what a barb can easily achieve. great job blizz, keep up the great work.

@ seansky

sledgefist has been out in the open for a long time now, just the lack of dps really makes this worthless in my opinion. plus this is much more effective than sledgefist, 9 out of 10 bells drop stuns 100% when crits, great aoe & also knock back to give yourself good breathing room to reengage the enemies.

legendary items are dropping left & right, there are more supplies in the ah & less demands, so prices will continue to drop. the longer they wait on the pvp release the more interest people are losing each & everyday from playing this game.

my goal here is to share some light for confused monks out there to bring some fun for them, and have them feel less weak / important compare to other classes. if you don't agree then too bad, hope you have a blast with whatever else you want to hide from the community.
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is not a huge secret, every blidning light user knows to find that item, just dont want that market to sky rocket before i find it. :P ive already seen some ppl hinted they were trying to find it on other threads, is just not as widely known/ popular as sledgefist atm. Sorry if this kind of thinking irks you.

Barbs are easy, but at the same time boring. I have one as well, but stuck to my monk, coz is just so much fun, even tho weaker. Honestly monk has some of the best skills around...... In terms of team play, we have overawe that gives 48% dmg boost for when meteors drop from the sky. In terms of AoE, monk has the best as well, bells having one of the highest % dmg or with stun if u choose to. Explosive light being a great alternative if you dont have high crit, or empowered if your regen is low. And all of them comes with knockback. In terms of invulnerability we have TWO skills. In terms of single targets, no other class have one that can chase after a running target and constantly teleports.

The only thing that puts down a monk is the gear required to be good. Sure the nerfs were discouraging, and we dont get as much boost as barbs, but with the right gear monks would trump barbs. Ive just made a barb friend, who has twice my DPS, and tbh i dont envy him. :)
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@ seansky

man you got a great helm!!! but need to boost your dps up more!!! you can do it!!!!!
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Slowly but surely. :)

I prefer finding them than buying, and i dont play the AH game much....... Found that helm. Im low on gold usually, never went pass 150 mil. Im boosting my dps slowly, but one day ill get there. :P
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You should just use Breath of Heaven Infused with Light.

Less spirit cost than wave of light, and when you use it 3 attacks with fot for the knock back then into tempest rush.
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Infused with Light
Gain 8 additional Spirit from Spirit generating attacks for 5 seconds after using Breath of Heaven.

with 15 seconds cooldown it aint great. 3rd atk of fot is not a knockback, more like a nudge. The idea of wave of light is to almost-perma-stun bosses, not just the knockback.
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@ Hebrew

I can manage well now with the current setup that I have to cast WOL once every 2 secs until the mob dies. my ASI is mainly at 2.07, still wish we had a large pool, spirit globe or items that'll enhance our spirit regen / pool in a right sense.

inna's 3 set bonus is really dumb at the moment, and also blackthorne chest / legs have way better stats then innas. sighs, they really need to fix all the bugs starting with tempest rush and rebalance some of the gears / bonus again.
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yeh im aiming for blckthorne. Im hoping they would drop, but man........

None of the inna is appealing. I might get an inna belt just to hold out till i get a godly witching hours, but thats it. I can pretty much do 1 wol per 2 seconds as well, cept for range champs that kept running away......
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@ seansky

they shouldn't run away, wol has a pretty good radius as well as range.
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im fro aussie, and is sometimes hard to aim it at the correct timing when ur latency is >500 ms...... so yeh it happens and i miss and they run.
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Yeah I'd be happy with tempest rush if they removed the knockback from it and lowered the spirit cost to 8 and made northern breeze a 5 spirit channel cost.

I'd love a tempest rush build that plays like WW barb, I tried a tempest rush build way back when the game started and it just wasnt viable back then.

I've never been a fan of wave of light I just don't think it's viable for the spirit cost and the lack of dmg it deals, even with the buffs.

Lashing Tail Kick imo is far superior both in costs and in dmg.
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