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Constant Lag

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Everytime i start a new game or join a game it is forever loading...then it prompts GAME CLIENT DISCONNECT or some crap. And if im lucky i get to start the game...pls dont something to your servers thanks. It is definitely not my side because during that long load i went to check my email etc..
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Add me to the list...
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Unplayable for me right now.
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earlier about 1hr ago. i was doing fine farming.. and when i changed game to ACt3 i lag badly.. around 2k ms... and so i paused the game thinking it was just internet traffic or something.. after a minute of game paused, i resume and after 10 secs becomes lag again..
i never lag coz i have good internet,. its just these past few days i experience this lag @_@
blizz please address our problem!!
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Everything I do for the last 3 days seems delayed by 1-2 seconds... I play a monk. My attacks appear to hit, but are delayed by a few seconds. Almost constant..

Running 4.0 ghz, 8core, 32g ram, 4g video (dual 2g high def)

with a direct connect high speed road runner connection...
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Same issue here. Frequent lags spikes rendering many encounters unplayable.

Issues started in the last couple days.
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No word from anyone on the matter at all. This is a ongoing issue. All damn week. What the hell is going on. Can't even look in the auction house its lagged SO BAD.
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had to stop playing i was going from 150ms to over 800ms.

I'm hardwired into a 14mb cable connection and i have not experienced this issue with any other games.

cant really play at all because of it, and will not be playing hardcore until the east coast gets some servers.
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never seen a green bar on the latency meter since game launch.
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There's major ping issue on wow too. That's the reason why I loaded up D3 to see if it would lag here as well. It's actually a lot worst here, but both are bad right now.
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the crazy thing is when i play on asia server i dont lag! -.-
my main char is on US server and cant play smoothly because of this lag...
this is bull crap >.<
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FYI this is affecting EU server as well.
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yes eu server now so lag latecy 850 now ım live turkey istanbul , what happened :S
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Add me to this. Been happening for a while, and it's a pain. The worst is when I'm disconnected. Thank goodness it hasn't happened during an Uber run.
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been getting the same huge latency spikes since 1.0.5 hopefully this extended maintenance will fix this
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Maint did nothing to fix my lag issues between 150-300 during a quick playthrough.
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All i do is lag.

Past 2 weeks constant lag. 25Mbps download 4Mbps upload.

Which are pretty decent speeds. I have never lagged before and this is ridiculous, I get red bar 1000+ ms.

This cant be due to the hurricane that happened last week, cuz this has started since the new patch.

AND YET IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. We are too small of a # of complainers to get this fixed.

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It seems that we have two possibilities.
1. Blizzard has been working hard to address the issue as so far has no clue what to do
2. Blizzard has looked into their end and decided it's our systems and has no clue how to fix it

I thought most corporate people have learned by now that by not addressing something drives hard earned customers away and destroys the reputation of the corporation and the people that work there. Humm I wonder what the requirements for a class action are. Any lawyers out there getting ticked off? I sure feel like I have been defrauded with no reasonable effort to communicate or correct the situation.
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same here... hope it could be fixed asap
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