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EHP Details (Effective Health Pool)

@Kieble, awesome tool... I never knew tools like this existed. I do have several questions though:

1. What, in your opinion, is a good EHP? I am currently at 351k.
2. The core stats section on the EHP breakdown portion of your website list things such as:
+1 intelligence = 42.85
+1 strength = 54.54
Are you implying that if I want to increase my EHP, I may want to consider a gear with strength since it will give me more "bang for the buck"?

Thanks for your input - I surely appreciate it.
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350 is great. Anything over 300 is pretty much the limit you want for higher MP's. Some go lower when they pick up SNS, but you really want around 300 to start running the other types of armors.

1 str = 1 armor
10 int = 1 res all

So basically what it's saying is that you've stacked enough resist all that armor is worth more to you right now. However, I wouldn't ever say to gear for Str over Int since Int provides DPS and EHP.

So basically all it is saying is that 10 armor is worth more to you than 1 resist all currently.
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Got it - thanks for the info. :D
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12/02/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Kieble
Yes. 1.02, not 1.05. Wizards don't gear for block, and they don't gear for dodge. Gearing for a sub-optimal stat is not a good idea. It's fine if items have it, but never gear for dex.

High MPs on 1.05 are arguably just as difficult as 1.02. Sure, monsters hit harder in 1.02 but you wont see them spamming their abilities like they do in 1.05.
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All that was said was he asked if he should stack Dex cause of the EHP gain, and I said no. Not sure why you're arguing for stacking dex as it's not a good idea, however people can gear / spec however they want. All i'm saying is for optimizing never go out of your way to gear dex.
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I've been using this calculator for a while and it's very accurate.


Wow, I just used that and apparently I have 948k EHP with dodge... Is that high?

EDIT: wow I managed to get around 1.7m ehp by switching a few skills around.
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For a while there, I thought Kieble and Audi were back.
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Thank you for all of the useful information and for wording/presenting it in such an easy to understand manor. Maybe it just makes sense to me because I get math, that is what this game is programed with.

Do you have any other threads or forum post? I want to stock you on the internet so I can harvest your Diablo 3 knowledge.
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kieble dropped d3 some time back for poe i think or some other game. all his posts be old now, check out apos new thread which basically has everything u need to know bout wizards in it
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05/07/2013 10:39 AMPosted by SteelPhantom
kieble dropped d3 some time back for poe i think or some other game. all his posts be old now, check out apos new thread which basically has everything u need to know bout wizards in it

... except EHP/mitigation. For reasons unknown it never even crossed my mind to include that o.O
Will probably add it some time.
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Wish those calculators took into account bonuses to specific resistances, a summoned boar, and things like that. They really make a huge difference; According to the calculator, I have about 400 to all resistances, when in reality they're usually between 700 and 800 each in-game.

Still, I can manually edit those numbers, and it's nice that it automatically enters everything from the gear.

To be honest, I'd never heard of EHP, but a couple of days ago I was thinking of designing something that calculated what I called "effective hit points" by using your % reduction from armor, dodge chance, resistances, etc. I'm only a 7 months late on the concept, haha...
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Unfortunately, this calculator, since the dev is no longer updating it, no longer works properly. It miscalculates my buffed armor as 4940 when it actually is 5200. :( The last update was for patch 1.0.5

Anyone know of an updated calculator?
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