Diablo® III

Act 4 Keywarden Pattern

MP5 first shot.

I have also been ONLY running MP5 and so far I am 9/9 on keys... I'm either lucky or have the right amount of MF+stacks.

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Last night I ran MP5 and got all 3 keys and plan first run.

Tonight i've done A1 8 times on MP7 and gotten no key.

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Interesting info. Considering what a pain getting to NV 5 in act 4 is, I am probably going to try MP 3 and see if I get lucky. Doing MP 4, I got act 1 and act 3 keys on the first try, and act 2 on the second try.
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First try, MP6, happened to spawn right at the entrance of the Silver Spire.

Grabbed the plans and never looked back.
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First try mp5. Helped a friend on mp4 got it 2nd try.
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16th try act 1 key acquired!

MP5 @ 16 attempts is 0.0015% chance of happening!

Wooo. I'm well on to my FIRST uber boss kill.. 2 more keys to go then I just have to do that ~15 more times to get 1 organ! yay!

Anyone heard of a glitch/mechanic that if you ENGAGE the keywarden WITHOUT 5 stack that he'll never drop a key? I've been avoiding that just in case... just wandering if that was the case though.

Not a glitch. It's a requirement. You need 5 stacks for both the keys and the organs.
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First try MP6
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got the plan on my firts attemp, ( sorry )

so as they key firts time i've farm them i've earn them , i did 3 uber and 2 out of 3 gave me organ.

also find over 10 legen ( 9 crap + 1 shenlong worth 6m) , so i got 9fireballs waiting in stash to get craft :(

i like the patch since i can create a new char and start it at mp10 while friends rush me, i get insane lvling. :D best thing blizz did so far in my opinion
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MP2, 7 tries, no luck
MP3, 2 tries, finally got it.
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Dropped 3rd try on MP3
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first try mp5
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1st try MP1
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10 tries mp3, 12 tries mp4 = total 22 tries so far and still no luck on getting pattern in act 4 keywarden... ofc with 5 valor
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3 sets of keys acquired... still no plans. In terms of attempts, anywhere from 30 to 40 so far.
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Two tries at MP5. Those Terror Aspects can suck it.
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After that many runs there is a 0.678223072849% chance of it not dropping. I'm one in a million! :D

The sad part about chance is that it doesn't consider past events.
So you're not going to have more chance after 14 tries. It's still 70% against you.
You can say that it's getting close, but it's not.

The number you said up there could be 0,0000001% after 100 tries (made up the number just as an example) you would still have 70% against you... it doesn't matter how many times you try.

Chance doesn't consider past events.

You could throw a coin 10 times and get 10 heads. The 11th won't give you more chance... it'll be still 50/50...
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Got two in three runs MP5
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10/17/2012 07:47 PMPosted by MikeHoncho
1st try MP4
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Only did like 10 runs on MP1 and like 5 on MP2 so far, and one on MP3 but I died often and gear fully broke in that run...

With the damage reduction, I guess I will head back in at a higher MP level and try again.

Was going to just keep farming and upgrading gear until I can efficiently farm MP5 and then start doing hellfire runs, but I am really starting to want to get the plan out of the way now...
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10/17/2012 06:44 PMPosted by RaxZergling
How long did it take you to get?

I've been running MP3 off-and-on since last week. I've managed to get the first and third keys pretty early on, but I've yet to see the second key or the Blacksmithing plans.

Soooo, I'll have to get back to you on that. =/

10/18/2012 08:40 PMPosted by RaxZergling
Anyone heard of a glitch/mechanic that if you ENGAGE the keywarden WITHOUT 5 stack that he'll never drop a key? I've been avoiding that just in case... just wandering if that was the case though.

You need to have a full five stacks of Nephalem Valor in order for the keys to drop. Same applies for the demonic organ pieces, too.
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