Diablo® III

Act 4 Keywarden Pattern

1st try on mp 7. Terrorize has to be the dumbest debuff in the entire game. How are we expected to kill something that has 25mil HP or w/e, with only 25% of our heals. It needs at the very least a cooldown of how often it can be applied to you.
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1st try on mp8
i hope i never have to do that again, cause searching for 5 stacks (and getting them) on mp8 was a pain...
morlu incinerators are my worst nightmare...
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act 1: 2 tries on mp3
act 2: 3 tries on mp3
act 3: 100 times and no drop on random mp3 mp4 mp5 and mp6! after the hot fix 10 runs 3 keys on mp3
act 4: 10 times on mp3
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7th run, a mix of mp4/5 before hotfix nerf. That healing debuff is the worst thing for my barb, because his survivalbility depends heavily on high healing from lifesteal. Cripple that and I die in seconds vs that key warden while i can tank multiple elite packs in that same act/mp. It was a pain getting that plan but at least its done now.
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Took me about 7 or 8 attempts at mp4.

Got the keys all fairly quickly (within 2 or 3 tries each), but the BlackSmith Plans took considerably longer.
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Terrorize debuff of prevent 75% healing = lamesauce.
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10/25/2012 05:50 PMPosted by CryptoTech
Terrorize debuff of prevent 75% healing = lamesauce.

That is the worst debuff in the game, super op.

Got it on my first try on mp 8, such bs had to keep running around a pillar to avoid the debuff so dumb.
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First try on MP4
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this is BS i've done it 10 total times on act 4 and can't get the plans to drop. I do it solo nothing, do it with friends. they get the drop. do it on mp2 3 4 . !wedrfqwfd

10 times now nothing.
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2nd try. Mp3
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Getting the plan is really starting to get old. For starters I can't seem to even get 5 stacks before I find the warden, and then if I'm lucky enough to find my 5th elite they're WITH the warden and I have to try to focus on not killing the warden before I kill the elites, which is loads of frustration. I keep reading you can get 5 stacks in the Garden Of Hope but I have cleared it out wall to wall and only left with 3 stacks, and i've done MP4 and MP5. I know each MP level gets you an extra 10% chance, but I'm about to just start mowing through it on MP1 since it's clearly going to take 100 tries to get it.
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10/18/2012 08:40 PMPosted by RaxZergling
Anyone heard of a glitch/mechanic that if you ENGAGE the keywarden WITHOUT 5 stack that he'll never drop a key? I've been avoiding that just in case... just wandering if that was the case though.

"You need to have a full five stacks of Nephalem Valor in order for the keys to drop. Same applies for the demonic organ pieces, too."

Does dying during the KW fight hinder your chances ?
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9th try, mp 8. months later on mp 0 saw it...
Ever since, anytime a friend needs it, they do it themselves, or I carry them on mp 10.
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then run mp10, dxxbass
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