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Chat Scroll

Just noticed the scroll is very fast to scroll up and down.
What if you want to scroll a little bit up to see what the other guy wrote etc?
And, worse thing is while seeing a bot that you cannot report because the *Scroll is to fast*

Please just slower it down Blizzard
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Not only that there is a problem that I have with my mouse and I did not notice it until I started playing D3 a few months ago while it has gotten better I would like it gone completely. My mouse freezes stalls and jumps around the screen.
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Yes! For the love of God please fix the chat scrolling. Even just slightly tapping the 'Scroll Up' button now shoots the text up by a mile. It's impossible to navigate.
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Agreed. I can't really believe they haven't fixed it yet since it has been there since the first public release and has been reported repeatedly.
Please hotfix this soon, it is really annoying :)
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i didnt have this issue before but i do now after the patch...
it sucks plz fix
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Yes i have this too. Makes it IMPOSSIBLE to have conversations with friends, especially if I go afk for a minute or two
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Adjust foreground FPS may help you.
I could solve it by chaging FPS from 150 to 60.
Edited by Euaka#1109 on 10/20/2012 12:10 AM PDT
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changing fps didnt work for me however going from fullscreen to windowed full worked.
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Please fix this. Its like that for too long.
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Bump. This should have been taken care of by now.
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Plan on fixing this any time soon? It gets annoying telling my friends to repeat things because I can't scroll up to see what they said.
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I am just one more person complaining about the unreal fast scroll. I go to auction, check on a few items send it back and jump in the game. I do not get to check them, because something else gets said and the items are up a coupe of lines. I touch the up button as quick as I can and it takes me to the top. This totally sucks. Please fix this problem.
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Keeping this at the top. Fix it already. FFS!
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I agree, this definitely needs to be fixed. It is extremely annoying, as well as inconvenient when you are trying to compare items without other people and you have to keep asking them to link it. Please fix this.
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And if possible please add mouse wheel scroll on text. It's more convinient.
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Same issue here. I did notice that it works properly when in the menus, but when I'm in game tapping the up button goes up half the log. Shouldn't the up button only go up 1~5 lines at a time? It's really annoying.
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this is ridic
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This bug still exists.

Updated: Found a reply from a CM:
Fix will be in 1.0.7, which is not live for retail yet. Thanks!
Edited by Scorpion#1841 on 1/23/2013 6:31 PM PST
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