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Worse Stuttering / FPS drops after 1.05?

I improved my stuttering by running in windowed mode prior to 1.05, but now it's worse than ever! Did anyone else notice this? If you look at item names laying on the ground, they clearly stutter back and forth quickly as you walk along, it's very obvious when you look at them. This isn't just lag

After upgrading to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660ti superclocked card, stuttering was worse than my old crappy card
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Yes I too am having horrible FPS drops.

I'm running an i5 3750k with 2x GTX 670 SLI etc. running 1080 and yet my FPS drops to 5fps frequently!
This is so frustrating it is almost unplayable.
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I don't get the stuttering but my fps drops to under 10 randomly also and its getting worse game is unplayable now, I've contacted customer support but they have yet to help me
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Ever since patch 1.05, D3 has been virtually unplayable. My FPS will drop to 5-8 and stay there for a few seconds then jump back to 30 and back down again. Best way to describe it is "stuttering" - I'm sure that you know the feeling! Same old story that is all over the forums...
I was running the game FLAWLESSLY prior to 1.05. I quit for a few months, came back to a patch. Stuttering and frame rate issues are ridiculous now! My game is seriously sick now. I have tried many "work-arounds" but I really shouldn't be wasting my time. After all, the game ran flawlessly on my system prior to 1.05 so why should I have to change anything?

My specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel i7 processor @2ghz
nVidia GeForce GT 540M (driver ver 306.97)
6 gig ram

And I'm using a SSD that is only a couple months old. (So I haven't tried the flash card or SD card or any of that nonsense.. My HD is the fastest component in my machine) Fresh install of D3 and nVidia drivers as of 11/30/2012

PS - things I've tried as a workaround which DIDN'T HELP:

1. Uninstalled AVG completely
2. Uninstalled ASC completely
3. Uninstalled D3 completely (including all sub folders) and re-install fresh
4. Updated nVidia drivers
5. Unchecked the windows "indexing" for my entire c:
6. Put all in-game video and sound settings to minimum (tweeked with vertical sync, anti-aliasing, max foreground/background fps, etc. one at a time and in different combinations; nothing worked)
7. Tried the "nVidia control panel" stuff (i.e. vertical sync on and off, max performance power options, physx on cpu only, vertical sync adaptive, trilinear filtering off, max pre-rendered frames to minimum, etc.) I tried as global settings and as Diablo 3 only. Nothing worked.
8. Edited the d3pref.log file to hadwareclass "1-5" (tried all 5), trilinear filtering "1" and "0" - nothing worked
9. Set diabloiii.exe affinities to: all, only core 0, only core 0 and 1 - noticed no difference on any
10. Turned off core parking in the registry

I'm exhausted now and extremely frustrated because Diablo used to run beautifully until this patch. I tried the work-arounds just to appease myself. But alas, I can confidently say that this is on YOUR end, Blizzard... NOT MINE!
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