Diablo® III

Bug sokahr keywarden act2

it happens sometimes that sokarh the key warden stay at just 1 point of life, doing nothing, being invicible... All you have to do is just leave the game and prey to avoid this bug in next run... Please fix this asap. This bug was already present in PTR :-/
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You can swap to an azurewrath or Maloth's Focus or any other weird status proc legendary once he is stuck at 1hp and he will get un-stuck.

You can also use a scoundrel with "powered shot" to un-stick him. Or a WD with "Horrify"
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Confirmed that Shaggy's workaround is effective. One powered shot from the Rogue will kill him - have not yet been able to replicate with a WD or special proc weapons, although the rogue workaround is obviously the easiest one to use.

Update: Bug occurred again, this time Powered Shot did not kill Sokahr. Waited and let Lyndon fire it three times; TP'd back to town and rehired templar, this time speccing him into Charge. This killed Sokhar.

It's possible that the bug has something to do with his movement, as damaging knockback skills are the finishers of choice.
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Just happened to me too.
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It's happened to me twice now.
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10/17/2012 04:45 PMPosted by Vasadan
Thanks guys, we are working on fixing this as soon as we can.
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the workaround definitely is viable. i had this same issue and went to get my templar, he charged the keywarden and bam, dead.
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Hitting him with a spell, instead of a weapon, worked for my demon hunter.
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had this same damn bug. Had worked to get 5 stacks on monster power 4, beat the crap out of the key warden and the damn thing wouldn't die. It just stood there with no health showing, not moving and not fighting. I want my damn loot and I want my damn key!
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screw work arounds!! fix the damn bug NOW!!!
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This bug was already present at 27/10/2012
please fix it thank you
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