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Bug report : Archon gets unwillingly cast

Saying it is a hardware problem is just awe inspiring. I just switched to an archon build (heh maybe a good thing by just switched I mean like hours ago so i haven't bought any gear specifically for it yet) This is really the only issue im having with the build. If blizzard really said its a hardware issue, I would really love to hear them elaberate, as even with all the crying and hate toward this game I have up to this point reserved judgement, heck I even stayed positive with the last patch causing me to have to spend gold/money on some new gear to better adapt to the changes with out moaning like I see way too many people do on here and elsewhere, but having an issue that popped up recently with a popular build, and then blaming it on mouse switches (im assuming?) Is really stretching what I'm willing to call credible and/or reputable.
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Don't worry, it's not a hardware issue.

Unless they're ready to argue that everyone's "hardware" just started having issues at the same time, coincidentally at the same time that 1.0.5 went out. But I don't think they are :)
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Same thing happening to me as well, it's all related to portals and left mouse button clicking stuff seems to activate it.
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I don't care for how long, I'll be bumping this thread either until it is fixed or I have to change my build because I'm too tired of this. I just hope it won't come to the second option, as that would be a shame.

Just revert back whatever changes you made on click detection / rules between 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 ! It's not like there was anything to improve before, was there ???
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I'll give this a bump, even though I don't play archon.

I'd like to see an option that allows us to bind whatever skill we like to a fifth keyboard button, thereby leaving the left mouse button for the exclusive purpose of moving, clicking chests/corpses/etc. and entering portals/next levels. This would avoid a lot of accidental firings of primary skills when you're just trying to move, and a lot of accidental deaths when you move instead of firing the left mouse skill (because you thought you clicked on an enemy but were actually on the ground.. the fact that there are some super-fast and small monsters in this game makes this a no-brainer for me!)

Another annoyance this would eliminate is the fact that you don't have equal opportunity to put whatever skills you want on the mouse.
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