Diablo® III

lag is getting rediculous

Every morning I wake up to play diablo im at 700-1000ms latency and it definitely not from my end. Is anyone else having this problem?
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same here since the patch rolled. latency went crazy. I usually sit at 240 ms when im alone at home, now 400 at best. But like, why bother? There wont be any "solution". We get what we get.

All it means for me is on bad days i play easier content, or go slower and safer.
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Mine has been a bit laggy too lately. Normally a stable 200ms, it's been sitting above 350ms most of the time.

By the way, it's spelt ridiculous.
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so true
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I've been getting dc'd a lot today.....and now can't even log in.
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i am literally sitting in position for 5 or so minutes, then come back and im dead.
Go to tp, then instant freeze again.

This has been happening for about 30 min.
Cannot take 2 steps
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I am getting lots of rubber banding since105, it's annoying for sure.
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Sorry to hear about the connection problems!

I might ( no promises ) be able to help :) , what provider are you with, O/S , AV , FW etc are you running.

What kind of modem, what have you tried, what times of day etc, what part of the country :)

More info the better , i might end up directing you to speak to your ISP ,but if you go to them with an " informed pov / opinion " you have a good chance of getting it fixed :)
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Guessing your in NZ, so do you know if Slingshot is unreliable? because ive been having problems ever since got game. just upgraded modem to a cisco linksys wag320 and still have problem where the internet seems to drop out all the time. particularly bad in 'peak' times. 5-8pm

edit. Drives me bloody bonkers
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It maybe the way your ISP is routing the data , but if you call them up you will need to " prove it " too them first.

So you have tried 2 bits of hardware onsite and have same issue? , have you tried another computer onsite? , or your computer somewhere else?

Disabled your AV/FW and test again? ( only do this very briefly of course )

What does pathping / tracert etc show? (remembering if something is happening beyond the international gateway there might not be much you can do, as the data at that point is not under nz control any more )

Have you run an nbtstat and confirmed nothing is running in the background?
if connecting wireless, switch to Ethernet and test again, Wireless even N mode can be notorious for introducing issues.
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