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+Critical Damage VS +Strengh

Hi there,

What is best to have,

+100 Strength
+100 Critical Damage (let's say we have 50% critical chance)

I'm puzzled by the math behind damage. It would be nice if Diablo 3 displayed skill damage much like Diablo 2 does.

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Go to D3up.com I think they tell you there!
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Weapon DPS
1 + (Strength / 100)
1 + (CritChance% * CritBonus%)
1 + AttackSpeed%
1 + DamageMultiplier

Formulas are great.
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If the math is correct, 100 strength is twice as good as 100 critical Damage with 50% critical chance.

So, why would a barbarian prefer weapons with a socket and add a 100% critical damage gem instead of picking one with +100 strength as a random modifier?
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You're going to have to show what math you did. The calculations will be different for every barb.
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Oooo, i see where I went wrong. Never mind.
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100 str increases your damage by 100% of your weap damage where as 100% crit damage doubles your entire damage on critical hits.

If you get 100 more str with a 1,000 dps sword, your base damage increases by 1000. Say from 10,000 to 11,000

If you get 100% more crit damage, your crits deal 100% more of your base damage. So if you initially had 100% crit damage and 10,000 base damage, you would crit for 20,000. But with 200% crit damage, you would crit for 30,000. Depending on your crit rate and base damage, crit damage is usually a better option for increasing dps.
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When the math is X*A*B*C*D we should increase whatever gives us the greatest output. In a situation where we can increase either A, B, C or D by the same amount, that means we should increase the lowest of the multipliers:

Example if the current multipliers are 1*2*3*4:

1*2*3*4 = 24

(1+1)*2*3*4 = 48
1*(2+1)*3*4 = 36
1*2*(3+1)*4 = 32
1*2*3*(4+1) = 30

I'm betting Critical Damage is typically the lowest of the multipliers, and strength is typically the highest since so much elements increase it.
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use this site, thank me later.
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Thank you.
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