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"Orders from Maghda" showing in Act II

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Same issue. Stuck on this and Victory. Very annoying.
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I too am havin this issue... I've ran act two to the ground from start to finish 3 times now and haven't found it... Sigh. Why is it that half y'all achivements are bugged to hell and back.
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Same problem as well. It seems that they didn't really care to put much effort in the achievement system considering how many ridiculous bugs there are with it.
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Still not fixed?
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Nope. Just realized this issue tonight, as I'm trying to clear up loose ends on my main.

Incidentally, I got to "Orders f" on Google and it was the first result.
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I have the same issue...
Thanks in advance for your hlep.
\\ Best Regards.
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I collected "Orders from Maghda" in Act I again (Leorics Manner) and got the achievement for Act II. I just started a new class so I got the book a second time.
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I have the same problem. I've ran Act 2 many times on multiple characters and no drop of "Order's from Maghda" though I have found this item in Act 1 on all characters.
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Same issue, problem persists.
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bumpity bump bump... fix asap :p
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please fix it !!!! this bug
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Same issue! WTF guys! Fix it already!
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Try to get to this book on hardcore, i was in the same issue as you guys, and today i made hardcore character for Hc achievements, and when i pass through leoric manor, i found for a second time order from magdha, and i finnally receive the achievement, maybe it can help a couple of persons
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Basically this is all ya need to do. Make a new character. Run thru the act with said character, once at Leorics (providin the book spawns, login in and out might be needed) once said book drops, pick it up, the Achievement should unlock.
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hasn't worked on my new wizard
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same problem, cant get the achievement
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Same problem, Orders from Maghda is not showing up in either act I or II.
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same issue here. When will get this fixed
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I just got the achievement for Judge of Character Act 2, I made a hardcore character and found orders of Maghda in Act I and it gave me the achievement for act 2. That's odd.
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Until they fix this:

0. Get all other ACT II books from Judge of Character
1. Start a new character (I did on softcore)
2. Go to Leoric's Manor
3. Kill the wave of mobs that comes after you
4. Loot Orders from Maghda

Note: This was my 6th character and obviously my previous characters didn't see the drop a second time. The difference being that I had found all other ACT II books by the time I got to Leoric's Manor with my 6th character. Good luck!
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