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ACT 2 keywarden key drop rate bug

i have made many attempts on MP 5 and i seem to get 1 key for 10 trys at this rate i may as well be doing MP0 perhaps u could verify the drop rate is 50% as it is suposed to be for all classes and all the hidden RNG stuff u got going.
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I have done him a ton as well, can't do MP5 only up to MP2 but I'd think after 20+ tries I'd have gotten a key by now....if I were rolling a 5 sided dice I'd expect to roll a 5 at least once every 10 rolls.

Anyone know if using a MF totem before downing him would help?
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This might be a dumb question, but are you both getting 5 neph stacks first?
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of course...if I only needed to down the keyward without stacks I'd go at higher MP
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not a dumb question since many seem to not bother to read up b4 whineing but yes i always get 5 stacks firstf
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i've done an insane amount of runs on mp3 and no key... i actually don't think it can possibly drop for me
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i could not kill sokar in act 2 ML1
sokar stayed at 1% health and would not die
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12 MP3 runs and 2 MP4 runs at full 5 NV stacks and haven't gotten a single key/plans drop yet.
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I've done a ton of runs as well, the other 2 keys dropped pretty quickly for me. I wasn't sure if I was just having bad luck but it seems other people are running into the same problem
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I just did 20 runs in act 2 on MP4 and only got 1 key. And yes I had 5 stacks. I'm checkpointed in the Vault of the Assassins so I can get 5 quick stacks, maybe there's some sort of penalty for doing that.

I got 3 keys in 8 runs in Act 3, so that seemed normal.
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Same experience here, 1 key in 20 runs.

Later I tried to remove my follower weapon to make sure that the follower wouldn't give the last hit. 4 keys in 6 tries.

Still possible to be only coincidence, but make a try.
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ma follower has squat for dps he never gets last blow he is for mf only and odd heal hes lucky to even be alive for last blow lol. i have notices a simular issue with act 3 boss key drops too though not quite as bad as act 2 i think. i have heard of act 2 boss bugging out i have never had it happen but from the ppl who post im guessint it happens becuase u get killing blow as he is doing the whirling dervish thing. i have seen that the boss is actualy an overlay of a smaller dervish when doing the spinning thing im guessing the bug is in the spin. try killing him after he spins as a wis i cant stand near him when he dose that anyway so i run in and out on him and have never seen the bug.
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I have run this boss 15 times at mp5 and still not one key drop. I thought mp5 was 50% chance to drop key. I think the drop rate is bugged. I understand probability and know that yes its possible I miss roll every time, but at 15 times in a row, thats a long shot to miss roll that many times in a row.
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The act 2 keywarden is definitely bugged. I'm 0/8 today in MP3...and I probably downed him at least 5 times earlier in the week (all MP3) without a single key drop. I realize actual drop rates will vary and not be an exact 3 out of every 10...but this isn't even close.

and just for the record, I did have a full 5 stacks of Neph valor each run
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Posting because I've had horrible drop rates with Act 2 warden too.

I've done like 10+ MP4 runs and only got 1 key.

Act I is a little better I think.

Definitely doesn't feel 10-100% for MP 1-10 (a Blue post a while ago confirmed they're supposed to be 10% per level, so at MP4, it should be 40%).

And yes, this is after 5 stacks of valor.
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I don't have problem with keys at all, you are just unlucky.
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@ MP5 I seem to have no trouble in Acts 1 and 3.... dropped everytime 4 times in a row for each. Act 2 dropped 2 out of five... Is there any chance this key is just more difficult to acquire through some reduced drop rate?? I know it should be 50% but this just seems ridiculous. 0_o
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here is my penny:

act 1 key = 1 attempt at MP3
act 2 key = 1 attempt at MP3
act 4 plan = 2 attempts at MP3
act 3 key = 25+ (no longer counting) attempts and no key at MP3
act 3 key = 1 attempt at MP6

weird huh?

As of now, when farming act 3 MP3 I just go and kill the warden for the loot. (did at least 10 runs in the last few days and no key what so ever).
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