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Lag when fighting Maghda

I get terrible lag when fighting Maghda during the City of Blood quest, but nowhere else in the game.

I have seen this en every one of my games since 1.0.5, and it is only doing the Maghda fight. It is like the game freezes for a second at a time, every tree seconds. seems to get wourse the longer the fight gets. Other players in multiplayer does not seem to have any problems

EU Realm
Hardcore Mode
Seen on Normal, Nightmare and Hell (have not tryed Inferno)
And with all character types
Ping: 40-60
Both multiplayer and solo
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freezes at maghda
i'm in normal too and single and multi freeze. my ping is at 100 maximum.
i don't know about hell and nightlare... i've been killed at every time at this point. i cant do anything at all...
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This is apparently a bug that Blizzard are aware of but haven't formally acknowledged yet. Apparently someone got this reply:

Support Forum Agent

The issue with the framerate drops here have already been reported as a bug. I believe they've identified the cause but I don't have an ETA as to when it can be addressed via either a hotfix or client patch.
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yea i have same problem. it skips hard at the maghda boss fight. other than that the rest of my gameplay is fine
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Game also lagging for me, ONLY when fighting her in the lair each time as well. Its a very bad stutter where it almost seems like the game is gonna crash.

It was fine before patch 1.0.5 without a single hiccup, and now very bad.

I am on a quadcore @ 3.6ghz, with a 480 GTX and 8GB memory, so obviously its not hardware related.
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Was just playing this part of the game with a hardcore character and died due how bad the lag is.

Running on 2.6Ghz i7 Quad -Core 16GB RAM and GTX650M
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Game Lags only on The Fight with Maghda on Act II Every other part of the game plays 100% normal on any mode just the fight with Maghda in the lair of the witch Lags and that is even when the latency bar is at green still at about 38-40 msec still! This happens only when i reach her in the lair of the witch
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exact same thing here. the maghda fight slows and slows and gets worse as it goes. rest of the game is fine just this boss fight.
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Same bug here, though for me it happens as soon as I enter 'Lair of the Witch' location - haven't tried returning there after teleporting back to town, as killing Maghda is a pain in the backside with stop motion graphics (managed it just now, before finding this post, but just barely).

My rig is not cutting edge, but it's handling D3 on high graphics without any issues - Lair of the Witch post 1.0.5 I'm getting something that fells like 3-4 FPS (not trying to exagerate here); dialing graphics back to absolute minimum does not help, so it doesn't feel like a GPU issue (which was my first guess).

Killed Maghda probably around 40-50 times before 1.0.5 (not a huge fan of Act 2 I guess) - no issues back then.

EDIT: seems like a case forum search 101 :) it is a known issue with 1.0.5:

though to be completely honest it sounds like something that could be hotfixed in a few minutes :|
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08/20/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Vasadan
Your computer's performance will diminish during the Maghda boss encounter. There is a specific sound file that is producing an error over and over, spamming the client with this error message.

Since the problem is with a specific sound file, it cannot be fixed with a hotfix, and must wait for the next client patch.
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How long to fix? Not being able to progress past this quest pretty much blows...
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I thought since it was sound related, I could just disable sound from the client options, I can't tell if it helped...
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Funny that rest of the game works perfectly.I too cannot do Maghda in inferno.
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Really awful bug! I sweat every time i have to fight Maghda with my HC char.Hope you Blizz guys fix it soon..
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Yup didnt know about bug till i just lost my HC level 20 and came found why the FPS just crapped themselves....gutted.
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Same problem here. Very frustrating. I can't even run away. Can't get past this no matter what I try.
Please Blizzard...Fix this problem.
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guys, this issue is in the 1.05 Known Issues thread at the top of the forum, your supposed to read that before reporting things you know
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bump.....i almost died in hardcore because of that...this issue need to be fixed quickly
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